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Even though goat’s milk formula is a popular formula option amongst Australian parents, not everyone knows where you can buy the formula based on goat’s milk. Fortunately, parents can count on the expertise of Oli6, Australia’s goat’s milk formula expert!

How Do I Determine the Better Formula for My Child?

Before we elaborate on details and facts such as where to buy the formula from Oli6, we like to talk about finding the more suited formula for your child. Even though our goat’s milk formula has the benefits to make digestion a little easier, there are many factors to consider.

Children who experience severe digestive distress should always be checked by a medical professional before you choose a formula. Since there could be underlying medical conditions causing the digestive-related problems, it is best to rule these out before you switch to goat’s milk formula.

Goasts Milk Formula Benefits

Is the Country of Origin Important When Choosing Formula for My Child?

Even though the country of origin may not be the first thing you consider when searching for a goat formula, it is quite an important factor that could influence your decision. By choosing a formula that is Australian owned and manufactured, you can make sure you have a continuous supply of goat formula for your child. If you choose a goat formula that is produced internationally, you could experience problems with shipping or delays. Naturally, this could cause digestive-related issues for your child, especially if you are forced to switch to another formula during this time.

Thanks to Oli6, parents can count on a continuous supply of our goat formula this includes high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, vitamins, and minerals…

Where To Buy Goat Milk Formula From Oli6?

Oli6 provides several ways for parents to obtain our formula. If you have been wondering where to buy goat milk formula from Oli6, be sure to read the following information.

One of the preferred ways of parents to buy our formula is a local retailer. Our Oli6 goat’s formula can be obtained nationally from over 1000 pharmacies nationwide, including the two biggest pharmacy retailers in Australia – Chemist Warehouse and TerryWhite Chemmart as well as 33 other banners.

To discover the retailer nearest to your location, please select ‘Find Store’ on the top of the website and enter your postcode or suburb to execute a search. After clicking on ‘search’ Oli6 will list an overview of available retailers.

Where To Buy Goat Milk Formula From Oli6 If There Is No Retailer Nearby?

You may wonder where to buy goat milk formula from Oli6 if there is no retailer relatively close to your home. The answer is simple, as Oli6 provides its formulas online too. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can have your little one’s supply of goat milk formula delivered to your doorstep.

To order your child’s formula from our website, please head over to the ‘products’ section on the dropdown menu. Then, select the specific formula you need. Once selected, go through the checkout process and enter your details to get your child’s formula delivered.

For customers who buy their formula online, please consider that delivery can take some time depending on your location. If you live close to the Oli6 warehouse, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you live a little further, it could be a good idea to buy a bulk supply of Oli6 formula; this gives you plenty of time to reorder formula if you need it.

Do you have a question about the delivery of our formula? Or do you have some specific concerns regarding delivery? Do not hesitate to contact Oli6 beforehand, and we will assist where possible.


What Are the Oli6 Formula Sachets?

At Oli6, we understand that switching to a new formula, or starting a new formula, can be quite daunting for parents. In these cases, parents do not want to buy a large supply of the formula; this to ensure they do not waste any money on a formula that the child does not like.

Oli6 is so confident in the benefits and superior taste of its formula, we are happy to offer parents some individual sachets on the website. With three sachets, parents can have a trial of the Oli6 formula over 2 days; this is the recommended time of the transition table. The benefit of this is that parents do not have to buy a large cannister just to try the formula. Then, if the child likes our formula, you simply return to the Oli6 website and buy a large quantity of our natural goat’s formula.

Where Do I Go with Questions Regarding Oli6 Formula?

Parents who have remaining questions about Oli6 formula can always contact our team. Simply contact us through our Facebook community for additional information.