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Like most formulas, goat’s milk formula contains milk solids. Naturally, as a parent, you want to know what milk solids are and what their function is inside goat’s milk formula. So, let us take a closer look at the milk solids inside Oli6 goat’s milk formula and their respective functions.

What Are Milk Solids?

Before we elaborate on the type of milk solids you can find in our formula, we should look at what milk solids are. Well, milk solids could be described as small food particles, which are derived from dairy products. Inside our formula, you will find milk solids derived from goat’s milk

Milk solids are not only used inside formulas nowadays, because milk solids add a uniform texture to foods and could enhance their taste as well. Therefore, you will also find milk solids inside cheese, chocolate and even yoghurt.

goats milk formula for toddlers

What Is Lactose?

One of the milk solids inside Oli6 goat’s milk formula is lactose, which is probably one of the most common milk solids around. The lactose in our goat formula, and in other formulas, is a type of sugar, commonly found in milk and dairy products, and fulfils several important functions.

When goat formula is consumed and lactose reaches the small intestine, the small intestine will produce a specific enzyme called lactase; this lactase breaks down lactose in two simpler forms of sugar – glucose and galactose.

What Is Glucose?

Glucose is a source of energy for the human body and can be obtained from numerous dietary sources. So, in addition to the lactose in our goat formula, glucose can also be obtained from carbohydrates, substances found in pasta, rice, vegetables and baked goods.

What Is Galactose?

Like glucose, galactose is also a simple sugar. It belongs in the category of carbohydrates, which means that this type of sugar is also found in foods that contain carbohydrates.

Unlike glucose, galactose does not necessarily have to be obtained from dietary sources, since the human body can produce galactose from glucose. However, galactose still performs important functions in the body, which is why the presence of lactose inside our goat formula could have some benefits, just like the other by-product from lactose in our goat formula – glucose – could balance your child’s energy levels.

Firstly, galactose can be converted into glucose when energy is required, but when there is not enough glucose in the body to meet that energy demand. When galactose is converted into glucose, it can deliver 4.1 kcal per gram of energy; this is approximately the same amount as another energy provider in the human body, more specifically glucose.

In addition to delivering energy, galactose can bind itself to glucose again to create lactose; this is often done by the body to produce substances called glycolipids or glycoproteins. These substances are important, because glycolipids are important for your blood group, while glycoproteins are used for the cell membranes.

What Is Goat Milk Powder?

Another milk solid that is found in our goat formula is goat milk powder, a natural emollient. Goat milk powder contains high levels of vitamin A, B6, B12 and E and has a high nutritional value, since goat’s milk is a main source of high-quality protein.

To qualify as a high-quality protein, the protein must contain all the essential amino acids. These are the amino acids that our body cannot produce by itself, even though these substances are needed for various important processes in the body. Therefore, essential amino acids must be obtained from food.

Of course, the high nutritional value of goat milk powder is not only caused by the presence of high-quality protein, since goat milk powder also contains a lot of calcium, as well as the vitamins we mentioned earlier.

How Is Goat Milk Powder Made?

Goat milk powder is made by dehydrating fresh goat’s milk.

Where Is Goat Milk Powder Used?

As you already know, goat milk powder is used in our natural goat’s milk formula, but there are other applications for this substance as well. Other foods where you might find the goat milk powder include chocolate, cheese and yoghurt.

What Is Whey Protein Powder?

The last type of milk solid you can find inside our formula may sound familiar to you, because whey protein powder is a milk solid that has been used in the world of sports supplements for years. However, many people do not know that whey protein powder is also present in many food products; this includes many milk-based formulas.

What Are The Other Ingredients Inside Oli6 Goat Formulas?

In addition to milk solids and their nutritional content, there are more vital vitamins and minerals inside the Oli6 goat formula; this includes magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, selenium, zinc, vitamin E and more. To see a full overview of all the nutrients inside Oli6 formula, please head over to our website and select the appropriate product to see a full overview of ingredients.

goats milk formula for baby

Why Is It Important To Know The Ingredients Of Formula?

Most formulas contain similar ingredients, yet there can be differences in terms of fibre, protein, and other things that can influence your child’s digestions. As such, it can benefit your child greatly to pick a formula that is better suited for your little one’s tummy.

Of course, there are other reasons why ingredients of a formula are important. In fact, some children can be sensitive to specific ingredients, in which case it can help to narrow down certain options that are unsuitable for your little one.

When you child is sensitive to certain ingredients inside formula, it is always beneficial to consult with your paediatrician before switching formulas.

Is Oli6 the Right Formula for My Toddler?

Oli6 formula delivers the natural benefits of fresh goat’s milk, so if you have not decided on a formula for your little one yet, you may want to consider Oli6 formula. However, if you are changing formulas for your child due to medical reasons, please consult with a paediatrician or another health professional before making the switch to another formula brand.