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Parents can acquire different toddler formulas for their child, so it can take a while to sift through everything that is available today. To help you decide on the right toddler formula for your little one, we have created an overview of the main features of common formula types; this should help you make an informed decision.

Cow’s Milk Formula

Cow’s milk formula is probably the most common and best-known formula out there. Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents choose cow’s milk formula for convenience. Even though this formula delivers the essential nutrients children need for proper growth and development, some toddlers can experience problems digesting this formula.

A cow’s milk formula can be more difficult to digest for some toddlers; this is one of the reasons why parents can choose alternatives such as goat’s milk formula.

When you enter the supermarket or the store of a major pharmacist, you’ll find dozens of options. If you decide to use cow’s milk formula for your child, it is often recommended to ask your environment for some recommendations first. Alternatively, you can speak to other parents online and enquire about their experiences with certain formula brands. Based on their input, you can make a better decision.


Goat’s Milk Formula

Even though goat’s milk formula is not as widely known as cow’s milk formula, it is quickly becoming the number 1 formula parents consider for their child. Goat’s milk formula may be easier for some little one to digest. Therefore, if your toddler has problems digesting a regular cow formula, you could consider a good goat’s milk formula instead.

Goat formula has other benefits too. One of these benefits is a high natural level of vitamins and minerals. If you are still searching for a good brand of goat formula, we could recommend our Oli6 goat formula. Our natural formula takes full advantage of the high mineral and vitamin levels of goat’s milk, providing higher levels of vitamin A, magnesium, vitamin C and calcium. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it, so be sure to read the reviews from other parents who have tried our natural goat formula before you buy!

Soy-Based Formula

Many parents are aware of the existence of soy-based formulas, but they have no idea what they are actually used for. Contrary to popular belief, soy-based formulas are not healthier than common options such as cow’s milk or goat’s milk formula. Instead, these formulas are commonly used when a child cannot digest regular goat’s milk or cow’s milk formula.

If you do decide to give your child a soy-based formula, you’ll have to play close attention to your child’s dental health. Soy-based formulas can contain high levels of sugars; this means that they could promote premature tooth decay in children.

Hydrolysed Protein Formulas

Children who cannot tolerate soy-based formulas usually have no other option left than hydrolysed protein formulas (if the child cannot tolerate goat’s milk and cow’s milk either). Hydrolysed protein formulas are made from broken down protein, which tend to be easier to digest. However, this formula option does have its disadvantages, so only use this option for your child under medical supervision or when it is recommended by your child’s paediatrician.

Formula Preparations

Before you choose your formula, you must also consider that there are different types of formula preparations in Australia. The main types of formula available today include powdered formula, concentrated liquid formula and ready-to-use formula.

Powdered formula is considered the most affordable type of formula. However, each scoop must be mixed with water. Therefore, parents need to pay extra attention to preparation to ensure their child gets the right nutrients.

Concentrated liquid formula is also an option, but this option must also be diluted with water. Since this formula is concentrated, it will deliver an overdose of nutrients when it is not diluted. Therefore, parents must always follow the guidelines on the formula packet or canister.

Ready-to-use formula is the last option you’ll have when it comes to choosing your toddler formula. This type of formula does not need preparation and is therefore the most convenient form of formula on the market today. However, convenience does have its price, because ready-to-use formula is considered as the most expensive type of formula on the market. Of course, if parents are focussed on convenience rather than price, this formula option will be the right one for their child.

Discover All the Benefits of Oli6 Formula

Since we had to cover many formulas in this article, we did not have the time to explain the benefits of our Oli6 formula in great detail. Even though we mentioned some of the benefits this natural formula provides, there are many other benefits waiting to be discovered!

To get more familiar with our Oli6 formula, we recommend heading over to our information pages and product descriptions. On these pages, you can find more information about our toddler formula and decide if it is the right option for your child. Have any questions after reading these pages? Feel free to contact the Oli6 team for more information.