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One of the reasons why parents could decide to use goat’s milk toddler formula is to help their child gain weight. In some cases, toddlers are quite slow to gain weight; this could be due to many different reasons. To understand how goat’s milk formula could help your toddler to gain weight – and to get some  on goat milk for weight gain – please read our information below.

Why Doesn’t My Toddler Gain Weight?

There can be many reasons for toddlers not to gain the weight they should. Since some of these reasons can be an underlying medical condition, we urge you to take your toddler to the paediatrician to rule some of these conditions out. However, if your toddler does not have an underlying condition, it is possible that your toddler does not get the right amount of nutrients.

When there is no underlying medical condition present, your child may not be getting enough formula. In these cases, your paediatrician may advise more formula made from goat’s milk for weight gain; this may include increasing feeding frequency.

What Does Failure To Thrive Mean?

When you take your toddler to the paediatrician, you could hear the term “failure to thrive”. Failure to thrive is a term used to indicate undernourishment, so it does not refer to a medical condition or a disease. However, if this issue continues, it could have negative effects on the development of your toddler overall.


What Are The Consequences Of A Lack In Weight Gain?

Toddlers that do not gain the appropriate amount of weight are not developing properly. In turn, this could lead to some problematic symptoms. Some of the symptoms commonly experienced by toddlers who are not gaining the right amount of weight include losing interest in their environment, avoiding eye contact, fussiness, slow overall development of skills, etc. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure your toddler reaches a healthy weight – not only for their overall health, but also for their skill development.

Once a toddler reaches twelve months, parents can use full goat milk for weight gain. When the toddler is ready, goat milk for weight gain could replace formula. However, if your child has an underdeveloped digestive system, continuing with goat formula may be advised. On the other hand, if your child can handle regular goat milk for weight gain, most parents will do so. Of course, this does not stop you from using a toddler formula for something extra every now and again.

What Causes A Lack Of Weight Gain?

We briefly touched on the causes of failure to thrive, but we didn’t discuss them more in depth. So, here is an overview of the most common causes, which could help parents when they visit the paediatrician for an evaluation.

Lack of food – Even though most parents have the best intentions, failure to thrive could be caused by something just as simple as a lack of food. You might be giving your child too little calories, maybe because you believe your child can’t handle the right amount of food. In these cases, be sure to look out for your child’s hunger cues better and inform yourself about the right amounts of food for your child.

No appetite – Children who were premature or have a condition such as autism can suffer from a lack of appetite. In turn, this can cause problems eating or the child having little interest in what is being served. A lack of appetite caused by being born prematurely or an underlying medical condition, must be addressed by your child’s paediatrician.

Conditions related to the digestive system – Certain digestion-related conditions could prevent your toddler from gaining weight; this includes conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux, chronic diarrhoea, cystic fibrosis, chronic liver disease and celiac disease. If you believe your toddler might be suffering from any of these medical conditions, it is important to visit your paediatrician immediately.

Food intolerance – Some children suffer from specific food allergies, and this can cause them to stop gaining weight. When a child suffers from food allergies, their body is not capable of absorbing the right nutrients. Therefore, it is essential to consult the paediatrician for advice and possibly a nutritionist to get an alternative meal plan for your little one.

Infections – Children are susceptible to illness, so it is no surprise that an infection could be the cause of a lack of weight gain. Fortunately, infections are usually easy to treat and can be handled by paying a visit to your child’s doctor or paediatrician. Of course, it is recommended to book a follow-up appointment once the medication ends; this to make sure that the infection is completely gone and will no longer affect your child’s development.

Metabolic disorders – The last thing that could prevent your toddler from gaining weight is a metabolic disorder. A metabolic disorder makes it difficult for the body to break down and process nutrients or obtain energy from food in general. Symptoms associated with such a condition usually include poor appetite and vomiting. This is also a condition that should be handled by a paediatrician.

How Can Goat’s Milk Formula Help My Toddler To Gain Weight?

Goat’s milk formula can help toddlers to gain weight because of the high natural vitamin and mineral levels. Compared to regular cow’s milk, goat’s milk formula naturally contains higher levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium; this is one of the reasons why goat’s milk formula could be the recommended choice for toddler weight gain.

Our goat formula is connected to other benefits too; this includes easier digestion. Our goat formula is rich in compounds called prebiotic oligosaccharides, which help your toddler to digest the goat formula by absorbing water in the intestines and promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria. The high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat formula also contribute to better overall health, since they limit the growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria too!

Goat formula is an excellent option to help your toddler gain weight. However, when in doubt about the weight gain of your toddler, please contact your child’s paediatrician first. Your paediatrician can provide you with valuable tips and monitor your toddler’s weight gain over time.


Are Weight Problems Common In Infants?

Gaining weight can be quite difficult for certain toddlers, especially when an underlying condition is the cause. The first thing to do when your toddler is failing to gain weight is visiting the paediatrician, because there are so many things that could be the root of the problem. Based on the findings of the paediatrician, you can adjust the meal plan of your toddler. Can’t find the exact cause of your toddler’s lack of appetite, then be sure to consider other factors such as environment and stress too!

Has your child been evaluated by a paediatrician, but could not find a reason for the lack of weight gain? Or could you use some tips to help your child bottle-feed a little better? There are plenty of online tips available for you.