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Parents expecting to travel, and still formula feeding their little one with goat’s milk toddler formula, may need some additional tips on how to make the bottle-feeding process while travelling smoother. Even though it is no problem to travel while you are still feeding your child goat’s milk formula, not having access to all the conveniences from home requires advanced planning. To find out how you can travel and still provide your child with safe formula feeds, please read our tips and recommendations below.

The Travel Bottle Warmer

Many newborns and toddlers are familiar with their warmed-up goat’s milk formula. Even though you are not obligated to warm the formula, if you suddenly give cold formula during your travels, your little one may refuse to drink it if they are used to their warm formula. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a travel bottle warmer at your disposal.

Travel bottle warmers can be used for goat’s milk formula and come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Some of the most popular choices are the battery-operated digital bottle warmer, the milk bottle warmer with car adapter and the heating sleeve.

Choosing the right travel bottle warmer will depend on how you expect to travel. If you intend to spend a lot of time in the car, then a bottle warmer with car adapter may be the best choice. However, if you don’t intend to be in the car that much, it might be better to choose a heating sleeve or a battery-operated bottle warmer.

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Avoid Insulated Carriers

Even though insulated carriers are offered by many stores in Australia, they are not a good option to keep your child’s goat formula warm. Adding a prepared goat’s milk formula to an insulated carrier may cause germs to breed, so this could cause problems for your child over the course of your trip. Therefore, always choose a travel bottle warmer and avoid the insulated carriers, even if your child is already a toddler.

Goat’s Milk Formula Preparation

Experts advise parents to prepare goat’s milk formula as it is needed, and advise against preparing goat formula several hours before feeding time. However, parents can add some freshly boiled water to a vacuum flask, which should keep the water warm for approximately four hours. By doing so, parents can still make the feed easily by adding the required amount of goat formula and hot water to a baby bottle, which has been sterilised beforehand.

When you make your goat formula on the go, please check the temperature of the goat formula before feeding it to your little one. Some flasks can keep hot water on its peek temperature for a long time, so it is still necessary to check.

Obtain Disposable Sterile Feeding Equipment

Taking your regular goat’s formula equipment with you whilst travelling can be a hassle, so it might be better to obtain disposable sterile feeding equipment. There are many specialised stores offering packs containing disposable teats, bottles and bottle liners, which have all been sterilised before packaging.

Measuring Goat Formula

When you are travelling, it is not so easy to measure your child’s goat formula, especially when you are out and about. Therefore, it could be a good idea to measure some goat formula powder beforehand and keep enough formula powder on you to make up a bottle when you need it. By doing this, parents do not have to drag around a big container of formula either. Of course, the container you put the measured powder in needs to be sterilised as well.

Formula & Flying

Parents intending to take a trip abroad should be aware that they can take unlimited amounts of powdered infant formula, so they can easily make up their child’s bottle during the flight. Parents are also allowed to take a supply of prepared milk or sterilised water in their hand luggage.

Even though you can take formula, airport security is likely to test the contents of the containers you are carrying, so parents must consider they may be stopped for a luggage check.

During the flight, you can ask cabin personnel to warm your child’s bottle. However, this is not always a sure thing and may vary from airline to airline. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check with the airline or your tour operator before you leave on the trip.

Giving your child a bottle of goat formula during take-off is a good idea as well, since this may prevent their ears from popping. It also encourages your child to have a sleep during the flight, leaving more time for mum and dad to put their feet up and relax.

Throw Away Leftovers

A common mistake made by travelling parents is not throwing away leftover formula. Even though this may seem a convenient thing to do whilst you are travelling, you still need to avoid bacteria piling up in your child’s formula. If not, your child may get an upset tummy and this is certainly something you do not want to experience during a relaxing family holiday.

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Additional Tips When Flying with Your Baby

Travelling with the entire family requires some organisation, especially if you have a young child with you. To help you prepare for your next trip, here are some additional things you must consider before leaving on holiday.

  • Check your child’s baggage allowance. Some airlines allow you to take some nappies, lotion and cream, while other airlines will count these items under your luggage allowance. Therefore, always check with your airline before you leave to avoid paying extra.
  • Limit nappy cream, lotion and other liquids needed for your baby’s care to 100 millilitres. Also, make sure you carry these items in a clear bag.
  • Take extra formula for possible delays.

The tips mentioned above are just some things you need to consider, so be sure you have a checklist in place and incorporate all the essentials for your little one. This way, you are sure you are fully prepared for every eventuality.