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Parents who decided to bottle feed, and have chosen Oli6 formula as the best goat milk formula for their little one, are now ready for the first feeding, but what do you need to take into consideration when you choose bottle feeding with goat’s milk powder? Read on to discover tips and hints while bottle feeding your precious baby or toddler.

What Bottle Feeding Equipment Should I Obtain for Goat’s Milk Powder?

Even though this is a stage parents go through before their baby is even born, it is still worth mentioning in this article. To bottle feed with goat milk infant formula, parents will need many bottles, teats and sterilising equipment.

During the search for the right baby bottles, parents will have noticed that bottles and teats come in various sizes and with additional “claimed” benefits. However, there is no evidence that a certain brand of bottle or teat is better than others on the market.


How Do I Prepare Bottles Before Feedings with Goat’s Milk Powder?

To protect a baby or toddler against infection and illness, parents need to sterilise the baby bottles before use. Before sterilising your baby bottles and teats, it is essential the clean the baby bottles and teats in hot water right after your baby had a formula feeding with goat’s milk powder. When you clean the goat’s milk powder or formula from the baby bottles and teats, make sure to remove every trace of the formula before sterilising the bottles.

There are several ways to sterilise bottles after a feeding with infant formula. The most common ways to sterilise bottles are cold water sterilising, steam sterilising and boiling.

What Is Cold Water Sterilising?

The cold-water sterilising process is executed with a sterilising solution; this solution will remove any remaining bacteria left after a feeding with goat’s milk powder. For most sterilising solution brands, the bottles and teats must be left in the solution for at least thirty minutes. Parents must also make sure that there is no air left in the bottles or the teats before they are placed in the sterilising solution.

What Is Steam Sterilising?

Steam sterilising is still one of the most popular and best-known ways to sterilise bottles and teats after a feeding with infant formula. Steam sterilising can be done with an electric steriliser or by using the microwave.

When using a steriliser, parents must make sure that the openings of the bottles and the teats are facing downwards. The specific instructions on how to use an electric steriliser may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, it is important to follow their instructions to the letter to ensure the bottles and teats are completely sterile.

What Is Boiling?

Even though most parents use an electric steriliser, there are some parents who like to stick to traditional methods. Boiling is still a viable method to sterilise bottles and teats, but parents need to take extra care using this technique.

First, the bottles and teats must be suitable for boiling. Not all bottles and teats are suitable for this purpose, so make sure to check the information that came with your baby bottles and teats. Also, teats tend to get damaged faster when you boil them, so make sure you have some replacements on hand when they need replacing.

Parents using the boiling method should remove the bottles just before they will be used; this way you can prevent bacteria accumulating on the bottle or teat. If you should decide not to use the bottle immediately, it is essential to put the bottle and teat together and store it on a clean disinfected surface to prevent the bottle from being contaminated.

What Is the Best Position to Feed Infant Formula?

The best way to bottle feed your baby goat milk formula is in a position you are most comfortable in yourself. When you are uncomfortable, you can project that discomfort onto the baby and this could affect the enjoyment of feeding time.

While feeding the baby, make sure you make eye contact; since this could be beneficial for the development of the baby. Of course, bottle feeding is also a pleasant experience for the parents.

Babies must be kept in an upright position when receiving a bottle feeding. Make sure to support the head as well, so the baby can breathe and swallow comfortably. To start the feeding, place the teat against the baby’s lips until he or she opens the mouth. When the mouth is open, the baby will draw in the teat.

When bottle feeding your baby, consider that each baby needs a certain amount of time to eat. Some babies may eat rather quickly, while others need a little more time to enjoy their goat’s milk formula.

What Should I Consider During Bottle Feeding?

During bottle feeding, always make sure that the teat is filled with goat’s milk formula and that there is no air in the teat. If the baby takes in air during the feeding, it may cause some discomfort. Also take some short breaks during the feeding and let your baby burp from time to time. To let your baby burp, hold your baby upright and gently rub or pat on the back. Usually most babies only do a small burp that can be quite difficult to hear.

Finally, always throw away prepared formula your baby has not drunk. Reusing formula is considered unhygienic and could risk your baby encountering harmful bacteria.

Why Are Formula Instructions Important?

Even if you have experience with bottle feeding and formula preparation, it is always recommended to read the instructions provided by the formula manufacture including shelf life and formula content. In rare cases, the manufacturer can adjust the formula, which could mean an adjustment in the amount of formula or different preparation instructions to avoid constipation.

bottle feeding goats milk

Where Can I Find the Formula Instructions for Oli6 Formula?

Formula instructions are provided on each of our tins and sachets; this means they are easily accessible to parents. Formula instructions are also available on our website, so parents can check the formula preparation for Oli6 before ordering our goat formula.

Is Oli6 Goat Formula the Best Infant Formula in Australia?

Many parents see Oli6 goat formula as the best infant formula for their child; this because of the numerous benefits accompanying Oli6 formula. If you decide Oli6 formula is the best infant formula for your child, your child can count on benefits such as improved digestion, high levels of vitamins and minerals, and more.

The main reason why Oli6 goat formula is considered as one of the best infant formulas in Australia is the fact that this formula is derived from goat’s milk. This also means that all the natural benefits of goat’s milk are transferred to our Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula; this is what makes our formula the a great infant formula for Australian children.

Where Can I Get More Information on Formula Feeding?

It is not uncommon for new parents to have some questions about formula feeding, since the entire process can feel a little daunting. Many parents feel like they are doing something wrong, or that their technique could be improved. So, it is no surprise that many new parents look online to find some advice.

There are countless forums where new parents can speak to other parents about formula feeding. Of course, there is local help at hand too, because you can always contact a midwife or licensed health professional for some additional advice on formula feeding.

Parents can also contact Oli6 for more information about infant formula feeding. We can also provide more information on our formula, its ingredients, and its benefits. So, if you are a new parent with some additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our team today.