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Many parents believe that formulas aside from regular cow’s milk formula are dairy-free. Dairy relates to any product containing or made from milk, therefore, dairy includes milk from cow, goat and even camel. . In the case of goat’s formula, this is goat’s milk.

Goat’s milk formula contains dairy, but also other compounds that could make this formula the best infant formula for your child. If you wish to learn more about goat’s milk formula and determine if it is the best infant formula for your little one, please read the information below.

Why Is Goat’s Milk Formula Often the Best Infant Formula for Children with Digestive Issues?

Goat formula is the best infant formula for children with digestive issues, because this formula contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides. Since 86% of children between the age of 0-24 months have experienced some form of digestive distress, the high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides are certainly no needless luxury.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides perform numerous functions in the human body, but their main benefits are related to digestion; this is one of the reasons why goat formula is often considered as the best infant formula for most Australian children.

One of the benefits of prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat formula is the absorption of water in the large intestine. By absorbing water, prebiotic oligosaccharides can transfer this water to passing stool. So, if the toddler struggles with hard and dry stools, the stool will become softer and easier to pass when it encounters this water.

Goat formula could also promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria, also due to the presence of these prebiotic oligosaccharides. Studies have shown that prebiotic oligosaccharides increase the growth of healthy gut bacteria, but also limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.


What Other Benefits Are Associated with Prebiotic Oligosaccharides Inside Goat Formula?

Prebiotic oligosaccharides are associated with other benefits too, so toddlers could benefit from more than improved digestion. In addition to improved digestion, prebiotic oligosaccharides are associated with improved gut barrier function, enhanced nutrient absorption, and enhanced brain development. Naturally, these benefits could prove extremely beneficial for young children.

What Other Natural Benefits of Goat’s Milk Could My Child Benefit from?

Goat’s milk has many natural benefits for young children, which is one of the reasons why formula based on goat’s milk is so popular amongst parents. Below, we will list some of the additional benefits of fresh goat’s milk, after which you can decide if goat formula is the best infant formula for your child.

Goat’s milk naturally contains more phospholipids than cow’s milk. These phospholipids are substances associated with brain development and brain functioning, a crucial set of benefits for children growing up. There is also some evidence indicating that phospholipids could reduce the risk of inflammation and gastrointestinal infections.

Fresh goat’s milk is also rich in certain vitamins and minerals. Goat’s milk even contains more vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium than regular cow’s milk, which could be a solution for children who suffer from certain deficiencies.

What Else Can I Do to Promote Good Growth and Development for My Child?

As a parent, there are many things you can do to promote the growth and development of your child. It starts when your baby is small, but certainly does not stop after your child’s first birthday! Here are some of the things you can do to guarantee proper growth and development for your child.

Firstly, it is important to take care of your child’s teeth as early as possible. As soon as you spot your child’s first baby tooth, you must start giving your child basic dental care. Unfortunately, some parents wait a couple of weeks before they even start taking care of their child’s teeth. However, waiting for this period could cause problems for your child’s dental health.

The emotional side of things is also important, so it is not just about giving your child the right nutrients and physical care. Bonding with your child is one of the cornerstones of growth and development, so make sure you leave plenty of time to bond with your child, even if you have a busy career.

While some parents will tell you that you should not respond to crying all the time, many medical professionals disagree. Crying is a tool that children use to communicate with you; this could be to tell you they are hungry or to tell you they simply like a hug. So, when your child is crying, be sure to use comforting techniques.

Children are almost an intellectual sponge during the first year of their life, because during this time they will take up loads of knowledge. Therefore, it is also important for parents to stimulate learning as early as possible. This will promote your child’s cognitive development early on and benefit them once they start school.

Parents should also promote their child’s speech and language development; this can be done by speaking, interacting and reading with the child. They are natural and fun ways to promote speech and language development, without making your child feel overwhelmed.

Finally, it is a good idea to have your child checked by a medical professional when required. To ensure your child is growing and developing properly, a physical with the paediatrician will provide you with all the answers you need.


Where Can I Get Help Regarding the Growth and Development of My Child?

New parents often worry about the growth and development of their child, especially since they are going through this process for the first time in their life. Fortunately, there are many resources available for parents who want some support during this time; this could come from a family member, but also from community resources, your local doctor, and even fellow parents.

Oli6 is also happy to help parents, especially when it comes to formula choice. If you want to switch formulas for your child, or simply want more information about Oli6 formula, be sure to contact the experts at Oli6.