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Parents are often looking for a goat’s milk formula with a long shelf life. Based on the shelf life, they often determine which is the best infant formula for their child.

Of course, the shelf life of your goat’s milk formula can depend on many different factors. To learn more about these factors, and the shelf life of goat’s milk formula, please read the information provided by Oli6 below including its benefits.

Where Can I Find a Natural Goat Formula with a Decent Shelf Life?

Oli6 is Australia’s leading supplier of goat formula. We deliver a formula that is made from goat milk solids and is manufactured in Australia, therefore, it isn’t flown into Australia from other countries and you can be sure that Oli6 meets all the strict Australian regulations and guidelines relating to formula.


Where Can I Find the Expiry Date of the Formula?

The expiry date of the formula is always displayed on the packaging of the formula or on the formula canister. So, before you store your formula for a longer time, be sure to take note of this expiry date.

Please note that the expiry date of your formula may change as soon as you open a canister or container. To check if opening the canister or container changes the expiry date, always check the instructions printed on the canister or container. Generally, once the formula is opened it is recommended that it is used within 4 weeks

How Should I Store Goat Formula?

If you obtain goat formula for your child in a can, it is important to keep that canin a good storage place if you do not use it immediately. Ideally, you want to keep the canister away from direct sunlight and store it in a cool & clean location; for example, a pantry.

Can I Keep Prepared Formula in the Fridge?

Parents who make some goat formula beforehand should refrigerate the bottles. However, it is important not to keep pre-made formula in the fridge for longer than 24 hours. If pre-made formula is stored in the fridge for longer than 24 hours, the formula can become susceptible to bacteria.

Please note that some types of formula are not as suitable to store in the fridge. Ready-made formula is usually okay, but formula you make yourself is less suitable to store in the fridge. Therefore, try to avoid storing any formula in the fridge and make your child’s formula just before a feeding instead.

Can I Keep Prepared Formula at Room Temperature?

Even though it is no problem to keep prepared formula at room temperature for a short period, leaving your formula at room temperature for longer periods makes the formula susceptible to bacteria. Therefore, never leave pre-made formula out for longer than 1 hour.

Can I Store Leftover Formula in the Fridge?

Leftover formula should never be stored in the fridge, since bacteria can enter the bottle during the first feeding. By storing the formula for later use, bacteria could start to multiply and make your child sick. Therefore, leftover formula should always be thrown after a feeding.


Could I Store Formula While Travelling with My Child?

Storing formula while travelling may seem like a convenient solution, but it is not hygienic. Most formula manufacturers will recommend making your formula while travelling; this could be done by keeping smaller sachets of formula powder on your person. While you may have to give your child cold formula, or formula made with warm water stored in a travel mug, it is still a more hygienic option than making your formula beforehand.

We also need to mention that there are special accessories available for parents who need to make formula on the go. So, be sure to inform about these accessories at your local baby store.

Oli6 also has travel sachets that can be bought for $2 or they are free with a consultation with a pharmacist at your local stockist

Where Can I Find More Information About Oli6 Formula?

Are you considering obtaining Oli6 Formula for your child? For more information about our formula, including details on shelf life, be sure to check out the many information pages available at Oli6. Parents can also order a free stage 3 sample of our formula on the site, which enables the parents to test the formula and ensure their child likes it before placing an order on our site.