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Goat’s milk formula can come in various forms, each delivering their own set of benefits. The top-selling Australian goat’s milk formula is Oli6 goat’s milk formula. However, there are other types of formulas parents will encounter; this includes concentrated and ready-made baby formula. Want to learn more about each type? Read our information below to learn more.

What Is Ready-Made Baby Formula?

Ready-made baby formula could be considered as the most convenient type of formula for babies; this since the formula does not have to be diluted with water before it can be used for a feeding. However, ready-made baby formula can have its disadvantages since this type of ready-made baby formula is usually pricier than other types on the market.

When you purchase ready-made formula, you usually need to purchase a larger quantity as well; this compared to one cannister of powdered formula that can provide multiple feeds at once. So, if you do use ready-made formula, always make sure you have sufficient room to store all the formula you buy.


What Is Concentrated Goat Milk Formula?

Concentrated goat’s milk formula is often seen as the middle-way between ready-made and goat’s milk powder. The goat’s milk baby formula comes in liquid form but must still be diluted with water before it can be used in a feeding.

Contrary to ready-made formula, you can purchase a smaller quantity to make up several feeds. However, since you are working with a liquid concentrate, the overall shelf-life will be shorter than that of powdered formula.

What Is Goat’s Milk Powder?

Goat’s milk powder is probably one of the most popular types of formula for babies. Manufacturers will provide goat’s milk powder in a cannister or similar packaging, which may include formula feeds for several weeks. Like the concentrated version, goat’s milk powder must be mixed with water before it can be used for a feeding.

Powdered formula can be easy to take with you on the go. At Oli6, we offer formula in dedicated sachets, which are mobile and compact while you are on the go. Of course, the cannisters have a long shelf-life and can provide countless feeds at home when stored properly.

Do I Need To Sterilise Bottle-Feeding Equipment For All These Formula Types?

When you make up any type of formula, you will always be required to sterilise your bottle-feeding equipment before a feeding. Infants do not have the same immune system as an adult, so encountering bacteria during a feed could cause them to get sick. So, whether you use concentrated, ready-made, or powdered formula, your bottle-feeding equipment must always be sterilised beforehand.

There are several methods parents can use to sterilise bottle-feeding equipment. The most popular, and probably oldest method, is boiling. Simply buy a dedicated pot and fill it with water to boil the bottle-feeding equipment. Alternatively, parents can sterilise bottle-feeding equipment in an electric steriliser or cold-water sterilising solution.

Much like formula, each sterilising method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Boiling tends to be the most cost-effective method, although it can cause premature damage to your bottles and teats. Electric sterilisers are somewhere in between since they require some investment from the parents. Then there is the most expensive method – cold-water sterilising – which requires changing the solution every 24 hours. Despite the cost, it is considered as the most convenient method.

Do Baby Formula Brands Matter When Selecting A Type Of Goat Milk Formula?

The market is saturated with dozens of baby formula brands, which can make the decision of parents a little harder. However, there are a select few companies that manufacture their goat’s milk baby formula in Australia, subsequently guaranteeing a continuous supply of their formula for babies.

One of the companies that manufactures its goat’s milk powder in Australia is Oli6. We pride ourselves on being an Australian company and delivering the best goat’s milk baby formula to parents across the country.

How Can I Compare Other Baby Formula Brands To Oli6 Goat Formula?

Some parents like to compare other baby formula brands to our formula before they decide; this is also the smart choice, because the needs of each child are unique. If you want to compare our formula to other baby formula brands, you will find all the detailed information you need on our product description pages.

Oli6 formula for babies is often preferred for children who have sensitive tummies. Since our formula for babies forms a softer curd in the stomach, and since it contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, many parents end up choosing Oli6 formula for babies to prevent digestive distress for their child.


How Do I Obtain Goat Milk Formula From Oli6?

Since Oli6 is an Australian company, parents can find our goat’s milk baby formula with retailers across the country. To find a retailer near you, simply use the convenient store locator on our website.

Cannot find a retailer who sells Oli6 formula near you? No problem, because Oli6 can also guarantee a continuous supply of formula through our web shop. Simply add the amount of Oli6 formula you require, and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Where Can I Go With Questions About Oli6 Powdered Formula?

Do you have a question about Oli6 powdered formula? Join the Oli6 Facebook community and get your questions answered by our team of experts. On our Facebook page, you can also get more information from other parents, who have tested and tried our formula!