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Oli6 goat’s milk formula for newborns provides children with all the essential nutrients needed for good growth and development. Below, you can find an overview of some nutrients for infants, which the Oli6 goat’s milk formula for newborns contains, and how they contribute to the health of your child.

What Is The Importance Of Iron?

One of the essential nutrients for children is iron, mainly because this particular mineral is responsible for brain development. A lack of iron in the diet of your infant can lead to cognitive problems such as problems with thought-processing and a slow development of motor skills.

Most formulas meet the required amount of iron for good development, as is the case for Oli6 goat’s milk formula for newborns. That being said, many paediatricians recommend foods that are high in iron in the second half of the first year, more specifically when your child starts to eat solid foods.

Infants especially at risk to develop an iron-deficiency are premature children. During the third trimester of the pregnancy, iron starts to accumulate. When an infant did not get access to this accumulated iron, the child may run out of their iron supply after two months. In other words, the use of a goat’s milk formula for newborns with plenty of iron can be a good idea to ensure your child has enough iron for good growth and development.

What Is The Importance Of Calcium?

Many parents know and understand the importance of calcium in the diet of their infant. Calcium is a mineral that helps children to achieve the recommended amount of bone mass, which is needed later on in life for strong bones and for the prevention of fractures. Since children tend to climb trees and play sports in their youth, strong bones will be absolutely essential for their childhood.

Oli6 goat’s milk toddler formula will meet your infant’s calcium demands, especially when you consider goat’s milk contains 10% more calcium than standard cow’s milk. Once you switch to whole milk after the first year, it is recommended that your infant gets at least a minimum amount of 500 milligrams a day.

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What Is The Importance Of Zinc?

Oli6 dairy goat milk formula also contains the right amount of zinc your infant needs. Zinc is a mineral that has a positive effect on the development of the cognitive functions of the child. However, zinc also plays a primary role in the maintenance of the immune system and the repair and growth of cells.

A shortage of zinc is commonly associated with developmental problems, which includes impaired growth. A lack of zinc in the diet can also lead to health problems such as increased susceptibility to illness and infections and an increased risk of diarrhoea. Fortunately, most formulas contain the necessary amount of zinc up to the age of 1 year.

To ensure your child gets the necessary amount of zinc after their formula period, it is a good idea to introduce some foods that contain this mineral. Zinc can be found in chicken breast, turkey, beef, fish, eggs, whole milk and cheddar cheese, so there are plenty of food sources to choose from.

What Are The Other Vitamins That Are Important For Good Growth And Development?

Instead of just mentioning one vitamin in particular, it is important to realise that infants need a variety of vitamins for good growth and development. The vitamins that are most important to infants are vitamin A, D, E and K.

Vitamin A is the vitamin that will ensure good vision development, while vitamin D increases calcium absorption and assists with bone growth. Vitamin E is extremely important as well, because this vitamin has numerous antioxidant properties, which facilitate the growth of cells and help to develop the nerve system. Out of all vitamins, vitamin K is often forgotten. However, this particular vitamin is responsible for normal blood clotting and just as important as some of the more known vitamins.

The Oli6 formula is richer in some vitamins compared to cow’s milk. One of these vitamins is vitamin A, because Oli6 goat’s milk toddler formula contains 46% more vitamin A than cow’s milk. If vitamin A levels are a primary concern to you, Oli6 could provide you with a good formula option.

What Is The Importance Of Magnesium?

Oli6 formula contains plenty of minerals, but the importance of one mineral in particular definitely needs to be mentioned. That mineral is magnesium! Oli6 formula contains 33% more magnesium than cow’s milk formula, which could be very beneficial for infants.

When mentioning magnesium, it is essential to remember that this mineral plays a role in more than three-hundred biochemical processes inside the human body. With so many vital functions to look after, magnesium is one of those minerals that plays an important part in almost all body processes.

Magnesium is a mineral that keeps the bones strong, but also keeps the rhythm of the hearth steady and healthy. In addition to that, the mineral also supports the immune system and maintains the good functioning of the muscles and nerve system. In conclusion, it is a mineral that cannot be missing from the diet of your infant.

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What Are Common Problems Infants Experience With Formula?

The most common problems infants can encounter with formula is a digestion problem; this particular problem is especially noticeable with many brands of cow’s milk formula. Because of the digestion problems infants can encounter with cow’s milk formula, we recommend trying an alternative that is much gentler on the tummy of your infant.

Goat’s milk toddler formula has proven to have many benefits for infants where digestion is concerned. A goat’s milk toddler formula naturally contains six times the number of prebiotic oligosaccharides compared to cow’s milk; these are non-digestible fibres that fulfil numerous functions to aid the digestion of infants.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides remain in the intestines, which means they are not absorbed by the body. Once in the intestines, they absorb water to make the stool softer and easier to pass. They also stimulate the amount of healthy gut bacteria that aid digestion but limit unhealthy bacteria at the same time. Prebiotic oligosaccharides have shown to limit the amount of so-called pathogenic bacteria, which are responsible for infections and inflammations. The prebiotic oligosaccharides in Oli6 dairy goat milk formula are therefore not only essential for the easy digestion of your infant, but also for their health in general!

In addition to digestion-related problems, infants can also dislike the taste of a certain formula. Even though this particular problem is rare, it can be quite a headache for the parents who have to deal with it. Fortunately, most infants are very fond of our Oli6 formula.

Any additional problems relating to formula usually have to do with the wrong teats and baby bottles. The right feeding equipment is just as important as the formula itself. So, always make sure you get the right teat to ensure proper formula flow. Of course, a good bottle that is easy to clean can do wonders too between formula feeds.

What Other Essential Nutrients Are In Oli6 Formula?

Please note that not all nutrients of Oli6 goat’s milk formula have been mentioned in our overview. To see the complete list of nutrients in each Oli6 goats milk formula, please refer to the respective information page.