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Nowadays, parents can obtain numerous types of formula for their child. Each type of formula has its benefits, so it could be a good idea to look at several different types of toddler formula before you decide on a specific type. Let us now take a closer look at common types of formula and their main characteristics, so you can make an informed decision for your child.

What Formulas Are Available for My Toddler?

There are numerous formulas for toddlers on the market today, so how do we choose the best toddler formula? The answer is quite simply, you base your decision on the needs of your toddler and, in some cases, their personal taste preferences. Below, you will find an overview of the most common formulas, and the benefits they could deliver for your toddler.


Cow’s Milk Formula

Cow’s milk formula is probably one of the best-known formula types on the market today, because parents have been feeding their children with nutritious cow’s milk for years, which includes formulas made from cow’s milk.

As the name already suggests, cow’s milk formula is made from cow’s milk. However, cow’s milk formula is not nutritionally complete, which could be a problem for toddlers who are not getting their full allocation of nutrients from food.

Still, some toddlers can drink cow’s milk instead of formula when they reach 12 months, although some parents keep giving their toddler formula for a longer period, since some children may develop a deficiency in nutrients because of fussy eating habits. However, regular cow’s milk and goat’s milk can still be a part of your child’s healthy diet, providing they get the nutrients they need from their solid food.

Goat’s Milk Toddler Formula

Goat’s milk toddler formula is increasing in popularity. One of the greatest benefits accompanying goat’s milk toddler formula is that it contains many natural nutritive substances that are beneficial to young children, these include naturally high levels of vitamins and minerals

Another great benefit of goat’s milk formula are the high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, which aid digestion by promoting the growth of probiotics in the intestines, but also through the absorption of water. Prebiotic oligosaccharides also contribute to good health, because promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria directly limits the growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria.

Soy Toddler Formula

Children who have problems digesting animal proteins may need a formula that is not animal based, which is why some health professionals can recommend parents to make the switch to soy toddler formula.

The switch to soy toddler formula is never an easy one to make, because even though this formula can deliver some of the nutrients a toddler needs, some soy formulas have a high glucose content, so the use of a soy toddler formula should only be done when recommended by a health professional.


How to Prepare Different Formulas?

Even though you have various types of formulas, such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk and soy, most formulas are prepared in three different ways, which heavily depends on the form the formula comes in. In general, there are three different types of formula: powdered formula, concentrated liquid formula and ready-to-use formula.

Powdered Formula

Powdered formula is often one of the most affordable options for parents, even though it requires a little more preparation than ready-to-use formula. To create a powdered formula, parents must add the recommended amount of powder to water. As soon as the powder is completely dissolved and the temperature is right, the formula can be given to your toddler.

Concentrated Liquid Formula

Contrary to popular belief, a concentrated liquid formula is not the same as a regular ready-to-use formula. The nutrients inside this formula are concentrated, which means the concentration must be lowered by adding some water. Following the directions of the manufacturer is even more important for this type of formula, since the concentration needs to be exactly right.

Ready-to-Use Formula

Ready-to-use formula is the most convenient type of formula, since this formula does not have to be mixed with water. Ready-to-use formula already contains the right nutrients, so this formula can be given to the toddler as is.

The only real downside to ready-to-use formula is its high price, because convenience always comes with a reasonable price tag. For most parents, keeping their child on a ready-to-use formula is not obtainable within their budget, which is why most parents choose the powdered formula.

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Formula?

When you choose a formula for your toddler, it is important to consider the availability of formula and the location it is sourced from. For example, if you choose a formula that seems to be available most of the time, but is sourced from another country, then you could experience a shortage of that specific formula, which cause problems when bottle feeding your child. For that reason, always choose a formula that is made in Australia, so you have a constant supply for your little one.


Oli6 is one of the only suppliers of goat’s milk toddler formula that makes its formula in Australia, starting from obtaining goat’s milk to the actual creation of the formula. Therefore, when you are looking for a reliable formula supplier, who can deliver the natural benefits of goat’s milk for your toddler, be sure to have a look at Oli6 products!

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