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Many parents choose to bottle feed their child with milk infant formula; this often because the mum is not able to breastfeed, or if the mum does not have enough breastmilk for the child. Of course, bottle feeding does require some specific knowledge, so be sure to read the information below to learn everything there is to know about bottle feeding your child.

Why Is Sterilising Feeding Equipment Important?

Hygiene is vital when you start bottle feeding your child milk infant formula, because it is easy for feeding equipment to encounter bacteria. If you sterilise feeding equipment, you can eliminate the bacteria and subsequently protect the health of your child. Since children are more susceptible to illness, this protection is vital.

Before you add milk infant formula to the bottle, you must sterilise the feeding equipment at least once. In addition to sterilising feeding equipment, you must also keep your hands and all surfaces clean, especially when you use those surfaces to prepare your baby’s milk infant formula.

Goasts Milk Formula Benefits

How Do I Sterilise Feeding Equipment After Giving My Baby Milk Infant Formula?

Parents must sterilise feeding equipment after feeding time too. Before putting the feeding equipment in the steriliser, please make sure you remove all the formula from the bottle and teat. Only when bottle and teat are completely free of formula, can the bottles and teats be placed in the steriliser.

There are several ways to sterilise your feeding equipment; this includes methods such as boiling, electrical steaming, and cold-water sterilising. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, but they are all effective methods to sterilise feeding equipment.

How Should I Store My Formula?

Formula should be stored properly. Even though your formula is sealed properly, it still could encounter bacteria. Therefore, store your formula according to the guidelines of your manufacturer. Also, keep the formula away from dust and direct sunlight.

Should I Heat Up Water to Create Formula?

Medical professionals recommend heating up water until at least 70 degrees Celsius. By heating up the water to this temperature, the water will kill any bacteria that may remain in the powdered formula.

Of course, parents must leave the formula to cool down somewhat before given the formula to the child. Some children prefer cold formula over warm formula, so this could be something to consider too.

How Long Can I Keep a Bottle Formula at Room Temperature?

Health professionals recommend using prepared formula at least within an hour after preparation; this only if you keep the formula standing at room temperature. If you will not use the formula within the hour, it is advised to store the formula in your refrigerator and use it within 24 hours.

How Do I Make Formula?

Formula preparation depends on the type of formula you have selected. For example, preparing a concentrated formula will be different than a powered formula.

To ensure you are preparing your formula properly, please follow the instructions of the formula manufacturer carefully. The instructions of the formula will always be provided on the cannister or packet. So, before you prepare the formula for the first time, please make sure to check the instructions.

Could I Reuse Milk Infant Formula When My Baby Does Not Finish It?

It is important to discard any leftover formula after a feeding. Reusing leftover formula could cause your baby to become ill, so it is vital to throw away unused formula immediately.

Am I Giving My Baby Enough Formula?

One of the most common concerns of new parents is the amount of formula they are giving their baby. When becoming a new parent, it is easy to misjudge formula amounts, so how do you determine the best amount of formula for your child?

When feeding your baby, it is essential to look for your baby’s cues. As you may or may not know, babies can show certain non-verbal cues during a feeding. These cues could indicate the baby wants more or less formula.

Can I Breastfeed and Formula Feed at the Same Time?

Yes, many mums decide to use a combination of breastfeeding and formula feeding; this usually happens when the mum does not produce enough breastmilk. Of course, there are certain things to consider when you decide to mix feed your baby.

Mums who decide to mix feed should always contact a health professional or a midwife. A licensed professional can provide you with all the information you require on mixed feeding, so be sure to contact a lactation consultant or another health professional to determine the best feeding schedule.

When Should I Contact a Healthcare Professional Regarding Bottle Feeding?

Some parents may need some assistance from a healthcare professional when it comes to formula feeding, because not all children take to their formula, or may require a special formula for their child.

Healthcare professionals can monitor the development and growth of your child. If your child seems to lack that growth and development with formula, then another formula might be needed to keep your child’s growth and development in check.

Parents can also ask a healthcare professional for some feeding tips. The entire feeding process can be quite complicated for new parents, so healthcare professionals can certainly help during this crucial time.


Where Can I Find Detailed Information About Bottle Feeding with Goat’s Milk Formula?

Even though there are many formulas to choose from, many parents prefer to feed their baby goat’s milk formula. Since goat’s milk formula is filled with natural benefits, it is no surprise to see why many parents prefer this type of formula.

For more information about feeding your child goat’s milk formula, be sure to check out the other information pages available at the Oli6 website. On our website, parents can find more information about our formula, but also resources for parents that may prove useful during the bottle-feeding process.

Do you have another question about goat’s milk formula? For more info, do not hesitate to contact the Oli6 team today through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Oli6Toddler/