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Since there are so many formula brands to choose from nowadays, comparing milk infant formula may feel like an impossible task. However, there are some things you can look out for when comparing formula for babies. Below, we have listed some of these important things, so be sure to read on to find the best milk infant formula for your child.

How Should I Start Comparing Formula?

One of the first things to consider when you compare milk infant formula is the digestibility of the milk-based formula. Some children have problems digesting cow’s milk, but may not have much trouble with goat’s milk formula for babies; this could be down to the specific protein content inside the formula.

If your child has reacted badly to cow’s milk formula for babies, please make sure you stop by at your child’s paediatrician or a lactation consultant before choosing another formula. The reaction could be caused by an underlying medical condition, so be sure to visit a health professional first before choosing another milk infant formula.


Is the Country of Origin Important?

Since switching formulas could cause your child digestive distress, it is essential to find a formula that guarantees a continuous supply; this means the formula is sourced and produced in Australia.

What About the Nutrients Inside Formula?

Many parents start their comparison journey by comparing all the nutrients inside milk-based formula available on the Australian market. The truth of the matter is that all formulas are nutritionally sound, otherwise they cannot be sold in our country. However, there could be some minor differences considering the source product.

A good example of how milk-based formulas can be slightly different can be found between cow’s milk formula and goat’s milk formula. Goat’s milk formula contains six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides compared to fresh cow’s milk; this could mean that the formula is much easier to digest for children with a sensitive tummy. Fresh goat’s milk also contains more vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium than cow’s milk, even though cow’s milk formula is considered as a nutritionally sound formula.

What About Added Ingredients?

When you compare some of the most popular formulas in Australia, you will quickly notice that all of them contain some form of added ingredient; this is necessary to make the formula nutritionally complete for your child. Remember, breastfeeding is best for babies, so if a formula must be used for a medical reason, it should provide all the nutrients your child needs.

Australian formulas are subject to rigorous quality control, so these added ingredients are not harmful for your child. However, some children are sensitive to certain types of proteins, so protein type is certainly something you should look for in the formula of your child.

What Milk-Based Formula Do You Recommend?

Goat’s milk formula is a great first choice for your child. Our goat’s milk formula takes full advantage of the natural benefits of goat’s milk; this includes their high level of prebiotic oligosaccharides, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Oli6 goat’s milk formula is also the only goat formula that is fully sourced and manufactured in Australia; this means we can guarantee a continuous supply and prevent your child having to undergo a formula switch.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you should consider Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula for your child. Not quite convinced? Check out the additional benefits of Oli6 formula, as well as some of the reviews provided by other parents, on our website.


Where Can I Go to Find Out More About Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula?

Do you want to compare Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula to another formula you are considering for your child? Or do you simply want more information about our formula before you order some for your little one? For more information about our formula, we kindly refer you to our product description pages as well as the resources for parents pages on our website.

Parents who have specific questions about our formula can contact us through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Oli6Toddler/