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Parents who decided to give their child goat’s milk formula should certainly do some research into bottle feeding, because there are certain things that must be known. To help new parents get more familiar with bottle feeding, we have provided a summary with important information and benefits below.

Can I Prepare Bottles Of Formula Beforehand?

Some parents prefer to make up some bottles of formula beforehand; this to save time or simply make the feeding process a little more efficient. It is possible to prepare some goat’s milk formula bottles beforehand, but this should never be done for longer than 24 hours before feeding your child the formula.

It is important not to keep baby formula on room temperature for too long. When you keep baby formula on room temperature for a long period of time, it makes the formula more susceptible to a pileup of bacteria. Instead of keeping baby formula on room temperature, try to keep your baby formula inside the fridge if you make it up beforehand.

Milk infant formula that is not used for a period longer than 24 hours is more susceptible to bacteria. Therefore, bottle feeding should only be done with goat’s milk formula that is properly prepared and stored for less than 24 hours. During the time that the formula is not being used, the formula should also be stored inside the refrigerator.


How Long After Preparing A Bottle Do I Need To Give It To My Baby?

If you are bottle feeding your baby goat’s milk formula, you must give your baby the formula within the hour of preparation, unless you are storing the formula in the refrigerator. As we mentioned earlier, you should never leave baby formula on room temperature for long periods of time. If you want to avoid leaving your baby formula on room temperature for too long, it is recommended to make up your formula directly before a feeding.

Formula that is prepared beforehand, with the intend of bottle feeding your baby later, should always be stored in the refrigerator. If you leave goat’s milk formula on room temperature for over an hour, the formula will undoubtedly have encountered bacteria. So, if the milk infant formula has been left out for longer than an hour at room temperature, throw the milk infant formula away immediately.

Can I Use Bottled Water To Make Milk Infant Formula?

Many new parents are not aware that some types of bottled water are bad for the baby; this is one of the reasons why many parents prefer to use sterilised tap water. If you do decide to start feeding your baby a formula mixed with bottled water, you must look for bottled water that does not contain a lot of fluoride; this includes types such as purified, deionized, demineralised, and distilled water.

When you use tap water to prepare formula for your baby, please make sure you sterilise the tap water first. Tap water may contain bacteria, so it is necessary to boil the water before you use it for formula preparation.

How Many Scoops Of Milk Infant Formula Should I Add To A Bottle?

If you are feeding your baby goat’s milk formula, you usually must mix it with water; unless you have chosen a ready-to-use formula. Before feeding your baby formula, always check the instructions of the manufacturer, which will always mention how many scoops you must mix.

Oli6 customers can find the precise instructions on the packaging of the formula. However, we also provide instructions on the website. Simply head over to our overview with products and select the formula you are using for your little one. Then, click on the preparation tab to learn more.


Can I Give My Baby Cold Formula?

Most parents believe that they must warm up their baby’s formula; this is not the case. When formula feeding your baby, warming up the formula is not required. So, parents can certainly give their baby a room temperature or cold formula.

We must mention that the use of cold or warm formula often depends on the preferences of the baby. Some babies prefer to drink cold formula, while others prefer it warm. Therefore, parents may have to try both to see which one their baby prefers.

When Can I Stop Sterilizing Baby Bottles?

There are different opinions on this, but most medical professionals will recommend sterilising baby bottles until your baby is at least one year old. Before the age of one, children are more susceptible to illness. Therefore, you must protect them against harmful bacteria by sterilising baby bottles before feeding.

When Can I Stop Using A Baby Bottle?

Many parents wonder about the appropriate time to switch from baby bottle to cup. Even though each child develops in his or her own time, most children are ready to make the switch from baby bottle to cup between the age of six and nine months. Medical professionals recommend getting rid of the bottle at the age of twelve months.

Not quite sure if your child is ready to drink the best goat’s milk formula from a cup instead of a bottle? Be sure to ask your child’s paediatrician or another health professional for advice.

Where Can I Find More Info On Oli6 Formula And Bottle Feeding?

Do you need more information about bottle feeding your child with Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula? For more info on the subject, be sure to check out the resource pages available on the Oli6 website. On these pages, you will find more information about our formula, but also about the bottle-feeding process.

Have a specific question about our formula? Feel free to contact the Oli6 team via Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/Oli6Toddler/ for some additional information. We will be more than happy to assist.