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The best goat’s milk formula for toddlers in Melbourne is undoubtedly the Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula. Oli6 formula provides all the natural benefits of fresh goat’s milk, but could also make digestion easier. Want more detailed information about Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula? Check out the information provided by the Oli6 team below.

Why Do Parents Choose Goat’s Milk Formula for Their Toddler?

There can be many reasons for parents to choose our goat’s milk formula for their toddler instead of providing them with regular milk once their child hits 12 months. However, one of the main reasons for parents to choose goat’s milk formula is because their toddler cannot digest regular cow’s milk that easily; this because goat’s milk formula contains many prebiotic oligosaccharides as well as less allergenic proteins compared to cow’s milk.


What Are Allergenic Proteins?

Allergenic proteins are specific proteins in dairy products. These allergenic proteins can cause problems with digestion, since some toddlers have an inability to digest these allergenic proteins properly if at all.

Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula contains less allergenic proteins compared to regular cow’s milk; this makes our formula easier to digest for some toddlers. Our formula also contains six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides, which are non-digestible fibres that absorb water in the large intestine and promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Can I Give My Toddler Goat’s Milk Formula After 12 Months?

Even though most children go on regular goat’s milk or cow’s milk after they reach 12 months, some children remain on a goat’s milk formula instead. As explained earlier, some children may have problems digesting regular cow’s milk, in which case a goat’s milk formula may be better.

There are some children who have failed to thrive when they hit 12 months too. If a child fails to thrive at 12 months, your paediatrician might recommend the continued use of the formula. However, it is important to consult your child’s paediatrician immediately if you believe your child is not growing or developing normally; this to rule out underlying medical conditions or other problems that may contribute to this phenomenon.

How Does Goat’s Milk Formula Compare to Cow’s Milk?

Goat’s milk has many benefits compared to cow’s milk; this is related to the natural benefits of fresh goat’s milk. Compared to cow’s milk, fresh goat’s milk has six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides, but also higher levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium.

Based on the additional nutrients and beneficial compounds in Oli6 goat formula, goat’s milk formula could be superior compared to cow’s milk by many parents. Want to find out more about how goat’s milk formula is different compared to cow’s milk? Be sure to read some of the additional information pages available on the Oli6 website.

Does Goat’s Milk Formula Meet Australia and New Zealand Food Standards?

Oli6 goat’s milk formula meets all the Australia and New Zealand food standards. These Australia and New Zealand food standards are important, because goat formula must provide the essential nutrients your child needs for proper growth and development. So, by meeting these Australia and New Zealand food standards, Oli6 is once again a recommended choice for Australian parents.

The Australia and New Zealand food standards, which are met by our formula, are described in detail on the product description page on our website. Do you have any additional questions regarding these standards? Be sure to contact our team!

Why Should I Choose Oli6 Over Other Goat’s Milk Formula in Australia?

Even though there are other formulas on the Australian market, Oli6 is the advised choice for Australian parents. Our formula is completely made in Australia; this goes from obtaining the fresh goat’s milk to the manufacturing of the formula itself. Therefore, parents never have to worry about a delay in shipping or other transport-related problems.

Oli6 formula is sold across Australia by various pharmacies, so parents usually have no problems finding a retailer near their resident. Parents can also order their child’s supply of toddler formula online, since parents can obtain Oli6 formula from this website too.

In addition to our tins, parents can also obtain one of our Oli6 sachets. The sachets enable parents to test the formula before obtaining a larger quantity, which could save them some money if the toddler does not take to our formula. Even though unlikely, customer satisfaction is extremely important to the Oli6 team.


Where Can I Go with Further Questions About the Use of Oli6 for My Toddler?

Do you have any additional questions you want answered before you start using Oli6 for your toddler? For more information, or for specific questions about our formula, please contact the Oli6 team today. Our friendly representatives will be more than happy to assist you.