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Children who suffer from reflux after being bottle fed could benefit from using goat’s milk formula instead. Many parents consider goat’s milk formula as better formula for children with reflux. Read on to discover if our goat’s milk formula is a better option for your child, especially if your child suffers from reflux.

What Is Reflux?

Reflux is a medical problem where the milk your little one has swallowed comes back into the food pipe, also known as the oesophagus. When the milk returns, the child often responds by spitting up the milk after a feeding.

Since reflux is a common problem amongst young children, there is no reason for alarm when your child is spitting up some milk after a feeding. Of course, there are some children that suffer from a more severe form of reflux, in which case parents should take their child to the paediatrician to determine the cause of the problem.


What Causes Reflux in Young Children?

The most common cause of reflux is the underdeveloped ring of muscles controlling the valve between the oesophagus and the stomach. When food enters the stomach through the oesophagus, the valve is closed once the food has passed. Since the ring of muscle is underdeveloped for children, the valve may not shut properly after the food has passed, subsequently causing the milk to come back up.

As your child gets older, the ring of muscles controlling the valve will become stronger; this means that reflux will become less frequent. Of course, until this happens, parents must check the amount of formula they feed their child carefully.

Once the ring of muscles is at the required strength, and the child still experiences reflux, there could be a problem with the digestive system of the child. There are some medical problems that could cause the digestive system to work slower, or that could cause food to remain in the stomach longer than usual.

Why Can Goat’s Milk Formula Be A Better Option for Reflux?

Goat milk formula could be a better formula for children suffering from digestion-related problems; this is not limited to reflux, but also constipation, cramps, and other types of digestive distress.

The prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat milk formula are the main reasons why goat formula is a good choice for children who often experience digestive distress. Prebiotic oligosaccharides can aid digestion through the absorption of water in the large intestine, but also by promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria and limiting the growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria. You can consider our goat milk formula if your child suffers from digestion-related problems.

Can I Use Goat’s Milk for Little Ones with Reflux?

Goat’s milk for little ones with reflux is not recommended, as their little tummies cannot digest the fresh milk just yet. To use the benefits  of goat’s milk for little ones with reflux, a natural goat’s milk formula is recommended.

Even though it is impossible to use unaltered goat’s milk for little ones with reflux, the benefits of a formula are many, as explained earlier. As your child gets older, you can also give you little one some follow-on formula; this enables you to reap the benefits from goat’s milk for babies with reflux.

Once you child has reached 12 months, you can start using regular goat’s milk. However, some parents continue with our toddler formula or one of our delicious milk drinks.

How Can I Prevent Reflux for My Child?

For children that have a mild form of reflux, parents can implement some changes into the feeding cycles of their child. However, if your child has severe reflux, always consult a paediatrician first!

One of the first things parents do when giving their child formula is making sure the child is kept in an upright position. By keeping the child in an upright position, milk is less likely to come back up from the stomach. Of course, holding the baby in an upright position for at least 20 to 30 minutes after each feed will also help to prevent milk from coming back up.

To prevent reflux from occurring, parents can also reduce the quantities of feeds. Instead of giving the child a large amount of formula in one feeding session, parents can reduce the amount and spread it overall more feeding sessions. For most children, this could reduce the discomfort they experience because of reflux.

Lastly, when you bottle feed your child, make sure that you burp the child at least every two to three minutes during a bottle feed. Also make sure you have the right teat for a little one with reflux. Teats that have a bigger hole are more likely to cause reflux, so make sure to browse the store for something a little more suitable.

We also need to mention that some parents add cereal to their little one’s formula to make it a little thicker and to prevent the formula from coming back up. Doing this is not suitable for all children though, so always speak to your child’s paediatrician first if you are thinking about this approach.

Goasts Milk Formula Benefits

When Should I Take My Child to the Paediatrician for Reflux?

While occasional reflux is not something to worry about, there are some instances where you want to get your little one to the paediatrician.

One indicator that your child may need medical assistance is when reflux occurs quite frequently; this is usually accompanied by irritability during or after feeding sessions. The child may also be crying and arching his or her back.

Problematic reflux can also lead to regular vomiting, usually up to two hours after a feeding session. The colour of the vomit may also indicate a problem, more specifically green or yellow vomit. The vomit may also contain blood; this will look like coffee grounds.

Extreme cases of reflux might lead to children refusing to feed. Naturally, refusing formula might lead to deficiencies and other related problems. So, if the little one is refusing feeds and not gaining any weight, it is important to visit your child’s paediatrician immediately.

Where Can I Learn More About Goat’s Milk Formula and If It Is Suitable for My Child Who Suffers from Reflux?

Do you wish to learn more about Oli6 formula before you acquire it for your child? Be sure to take advantage of the many information pages available at Oli6. You can also print the information and take it to the paediatrician appointment; this to determine if our formula could help reduce the reflux symptoms your child is experiencing.

Have any additional questions about reflux and using our goat formula? Feel free to contact the Oli6 team today for more information.