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Most parents are familiar with regular cow’s milk formula, but they are unaware of the alternatives that could prove more beneficial for their child. One of the alternatives that could be more beneficial for your little one is goat’s milk formula, which is made with goat’s milk. Want to know more about our goat’s milk formula? Read the information below to learn everything you must know!

What Is the Difference Between Goat Milk Formula and Other Formula for Babies?

The differences between goat’s milk formula and other formula for babies lies in the source product. For example, a cow’s milk formula is based on cow’s milk, which means its advantages and disadvantages will align with regular cow’s milk. For goat’s milk formula, the benefits align with fresh goat’s milk.

For some children, goat’s milk formula can be easier to digest than other formula for babies. The reason for that is a high level of prebiotic oligosaccharides, which promote digestion through the absorption of water and an increased growth of healthy gut bacteria. So, many parents will choose goat’s milk baby formula over other baby formula brands if their child struggles with digestion.

goat formula

What Are the Reasons Parents Choose Oli6 Goat Milk Formula Over Other Baby Formula Brands?

There are many reasons why parents prefer Oli6 goat formula over other baby formula brands. One of the reasons we already mentioned, more specifically the higher levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides. However, there are more nutritional benefits compared to other baby formula brands, since fresh goat’s milk contains higher levels of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin A compared to regular cow’s milk.

The nutritional benefits of Oli6 goat formula is not the only reason why people choose it over other baby formula brands. Oli6 formula for babies is made in Australia; this means that parents can count on a continuous supply of the formula; this opposed to other brands of goat formula for babies, which are often imported from overseas. In short, Oli6 formula for babies is a solid choice for all Australian parents.

What Type of Formula Is Oli6 Goat’s Milk Baby Formula?

Oli6 goat’s milk baby formula is a goat’s milk powder; this means parents must dilute the powder with water to create a feed.

How Should Goat’s Milk Formula Be Prepared?

The preparation of goat’s milk powder is described clearly on the cannister of our Oli6 goat’s milk baby formula. Simply follow the instructions to prepare a feeding for your child.

Parents who want to know more about the preparation of our goat’s milk formula before obtaining a can of Oli6 goat’s milk baby formula can find more information on our website. On our “products” pages, parents can find a full ingredient list of our formula, but also lots of information about its preparation.

Before starting with your formula preparation, be sure to wash your hands with some antibacterial hand wash. The hands can contain a lot of bacteria, which you want to avoid when preparing your child’s feeding.

We must mention that it is important to sterilise bottle-feeding equipment before adding the formula to the bottle too. Bacteria can pile up in this equipment, which could make your baby sick; this because the immune system of your little one is not as strong as that of an adult. Therefore, make sure you sterilise bottle-feeding equipment with steam sterilisation, cold-water sterilisation, or boiling before you add any formula.

Will My Child Like Oli6 Goat’s Milk Baby Formula?

Even though we cannot guarantee that every child will adore the flavour of our goat’s milk baby formula, Oli6 has received a lot of positive feedback from parents who use our formula for their child. We even have some reviews from parents who claim their child prefer the taste of Oli6 over other formula types and brands. To check out these reviews, be sure to check out Oli6 on TrustPilot!


Can I Get in Touch with Oli6 with Questions About Goat Milk Formula?

Do you have questions about our delicious formula? Even though parents can find loads of information on our website, it is not uncommon for parents to have some additional questions before they make their purchase. If this is the case for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Oli6 team for more information. Simply contact us on the Oli6 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Oli6Toddler.