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There are many parents who switch to a natural goat’s milk formula or organic goat’s milk formula when their little one has problems digesting regular cow’s formula. There can be instances where natural goat’s milk formula and organic goat’s milk formula can cause problems too, so here is a detailed guide for parents and what they need to look out for.

Can Natural Goat’s Milk Formula And Organic Goat’s Milk Formula Be Better Than Cow’s Milk Formula For Sensitivities?

Natural goat’s milk formula and organic goat’s milk formula could be better for children with certain sensitivities; this includes children who are sensitive to additives such as fish oil or children who have problems digesting regular cow’s formula.

Goat’s milk is an outstanding source of phospholipids; this is an important compound for brain development and other vital functions contributing to the growth and development of your little one. When a formula does not contain enough of these compounds, formula manufacturers need to add fish oil. Fish oil is an allergen that could cause negative reactions. Goat’s formula, on the other hand, contains plenty of phospholipids, which means no fish oil need to be added during the manufacturing process.

A goat’s milk formula can be easier to digest too; this through the presence of prebiotic oligosaccharides. Natural prebiotics are non-digestible fibres that are food for the healthy gut bacteria in the gastrointestinal system, subsequently increasing their numbers. By increasing the numbers of healthy bacteria, natural prebiotics can also decrease the numbers of harmful bacteria; this since there is less room for harmful bacteria to grow.


When Do Parents Switch From Cow’s Formula To Natural Goat’s Milk Formula Or Organic Goat’s Milk Formula?

Most parents will switch from a cow’s formula to natural goat’s formula when their child is showing signs of mild digestive distress; this often means your little one has problems digesting cow’s formula effectively. Goat’s formula tends to be gentler on a baby’s tummy.

Easier digestion is not the sole reason for parents to make the switch to natural goat’s formula. Some children prefer the taste of goat’s formula over cow’s formula. So, if your little one does not take cow’s formula that well, switching to goat’s formula could be a solution.

How Can I Spot Signs Of Allergies Quickly?

As a parent, it is important to be familiar with the signs of allergies. Some signs of food allergies can be obvious, while others are less straightforward. Symptoms and signs can also be subject to the severity of an allergic reaction.

Children who encounter a mild reaction to certain ingredients can encounter symptoms such as colic, which causes a child to cry excessively over a longer period of time. More severe reactions, which also require immediate medical attention, include rash, vomiting, wheezing, breathing difficulties, facial swelling, and loss of consciousness.

Please note that colic is not always down to digestive distress, as the exact cause of colic in children has not been determined yet. So, even though an appointment is necessary for a problem such as colic, the cause may not necessarily be digestion-related.

When Should I Consult A Paediatrician?

Any unusual symptoms after the consumption of a formula could be a reason to visit your paediatrician. Your paediatrician can also provide helpful advice if your little one requires a special formula, so never hesitate to visit your paediatrician if you believe your child may be sensitive to certain formula ingredients.

Should I Be Careful Introducing Solid Foods When My Child Has Encountered An Allergic Reaction To A Certain Formula?

Even if your child has not shown any symptoms of allergies while consuming formula, all parents should be careful introducing solid foods. To avoid problems, parents are advised to introduce a single solid food ingredient at the time; this provides parents with some additional time to spot allergy symptoms.

There are also some foods that should be avoided in the early solid food stages. Nuts are good examples, since they are more likely to cause allergic reactions and can also be a choking hazard for your little one.

If you notice signs of allergies after introducing a certain ingredient, it is essential to take your child to a paediatrician. By doing so, your paediatrician can confirm any suspicions and provide additional assistance with your child’s early nutrition.


Which Natural Goat’s Formula Is A Good Choice For Children With A Sensitive Tummy?

Parents looking for a goat’s formula should try the natural goat’s milk formula from Oli6. Our formula provides the natural benefits of goat’s milk and is also manufactured in Australia; this means you can count on a continuous supply of our formula!

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