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Aussie parents want the best for their little one; this includes choosing goat’s milk formula! Of course, there are different types of goat’s milk formula on the market today. Organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula’s like Oli6 tend to be a popular choice, since parents want limited additives in their child’s diet.

Many parents do wonder about the differences between organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula? Are there any at all? The answer is yes, but they are quite minor. While the benefits are the same, there is a small difference in the ingredients used

How Is Natural Formula Different from Organic Goat’s Milk Formula?

Organic goat’s milk formula is made from organic goat’s milk. For milk to be labelled as “organic”, goats must be kept according to the organic farming guidelines in Australia.

Natural goat’s formula is made from natural goat’s milk; this means the milk is not organic. Manufacturers of natural formula want to avoid the use of unnecessary additives and are able to do so by counting on some of the “natural” benefits of goat’s milk.


What Are the “Natural” Benefits of Goat’s Milk?

Goat’s milk contains many nutrients that are needed for proper growth and development. It also contains certain compounds that could be more beneficial for the digestion of your little bub. These compounds are referred to as prebiotic oligosaccharides, non-digestible fibres that are naturally present in goat’s milk.

Natural prebiotics contribute to digestion in many ways. One of the things they do is absorb water in the large intestine. When stool passes, it encounters the water, subsequently making the stool a lot softer and easier to pass. Children who suffer from constipation and cramping could therefore benefit greatly from having prebiotics in their diet.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides also contribute to the number of healthy gut bacteria in the digestive system. In fact, natural prebiotics contribute to the growth of gut bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, which contribute to easier and more effective digestion. By promoting the growth of these healthy bacteria, prebiotics also limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which could cause illness or inflammation specifically.

In addition to being good for digestion, goat’s milk shares some similarities with human milk; this does not only include the structure of the natural prebiotics, but also the presence of other compounds that are commonly found in human milk.

Goat’s milk contains similar levels of phospholipids. These compounds are important for brain development, but they have also shown to reduce the occurrence of gastrointestinal infections.

Another compound that goat’s milk and human milk have in common are nucleotides. By containing similar levels, parents can rest assured that functions such as cell regeneration and cell development are taken care of.

Goat’s milk is also an excellent source of amino acids. These substances are extremely important for a growing child, since amino acids are used in almost all biological processes inside the human body. They are also referred to as the body’s building blocks, so these are nutrients that cannot be missing from a good formula. So, parents whose child experiences problems with cow’s milk formula could make the switch to goat’s milk formula for this reason.


When Should I Switch My Formula?

Switching formulas too often can cause gastrointestinal problems as well as cramps, constipation, and watery stools. Thus, it is important for parents to choose the right formula in the beginning.

When choosing a formula for your little one, it is vital to find a brand that can guarantee a continuous supply. A lot of formulas are imported from overseas, which could mean problems with supply somewhere down the line! If you want to make sure your child has continuous access to their formula, it could be best to choose an Australian brand.

One of the Australian brands of goat’s milk formula is Oli6. Not only are we a proud Australian-owned company, we also manufacture our formula in Australia. So, if you want to make sure your child always has access to his or her formula, Oli6 may be the recommended choice for you.

Parents can find more information about Oli6 formula on our website. We also have resource pages for parents, which provide more information on bottle feeding and mixed feeding.

If you are switching formulas for a medical reason, please consult with your child’s paediatrician first. If you are uncertain Oli6 formula is best for your little one, print the information from our website and take it to a consult with the paediatrician.