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A lot of parents are obsessed with finding an organic goat’s milk formula for their little one, believing there is no better option. However, a natural goat’s milk formula is just as good as an organic goat’s milk formula and should therefore be a serious consideration for parents who want their child to enjoy the natural benefits of goat’s milk.

Is Natural Goat’s Formula Different from Organic Goat’s Milk Formula?

Natural goat’s formula is different from organic goat’s milk formula in one aspect. For organic goat’s milk formula, manufacturers have to use organic goat’s milk. For the manufacturing process of natural formula, manufacturers use a natural goat’s milk. In its essence, there is little difference between both, although organic milk must be produced according to organic farming standards.

When dealing with organic formula, please consider the origins of the organic milk. Even if the formula is manufactured in Australia, it does not mean that the organic milk is obtained there too. Regulations vary from region to region, so if you have your heart set on organic, it is essential to trace the origins.


Why Is Natural Goat’s Milk Formula a Good Alternative?

Natural goat’s milk formula provides a lot of benefits, especially when you compare it to other formulas that have been heavily processed. Goat’s milk naturally contains essential nutrients for good growth and development, eliminating the need to add them artificially during the manufacturing process. So, when you choose a natural formula for your child, you also choose a formula that only contains a limited number of additives.

Which Essential Compounds Are Naturally Present Inside Goat’s Milk?

A natural goat’s milk formula like Oli6 does not contain any artificial prebiotics (GOS & FOS). Goat’s milk is an excellent source of natural prebiotics. In fact, the source product contains six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides compared to regular cow’s milk. Therefore, artificial prebiotics do not have to be added during the manufacturing process.

In addition to high levels of natural prebiotics, goat’s milk also contains a lot of nucleotides. These nucleotides are also similar to the amounts found in human milk, also eliminating the need to add them artificially during manufacturing.

Finally, goat’s milk also contains plenty of phospholipids; these substances are important for brain development and the prevention of gastrointestinal infections. When phospholipids are not present in the source product of a formula, manufacturers have to add so-called fish oil to add the necessary phospholipids into the formula.

Fish oil is an allergen though, so some children can show a sensitivity to this ingredient. However, parents do not have to worry about that with goat’s milk formula as goat’s milk naturally contains high levels of phospholipids.

What Is the Role of Natural Prebiotics Inside Goat’s Milk Formula?

The presence of high levels of natural prebiotics is incredibly important for formula. Many children under the age of twelve months experience digestive distress at one point, so having a diet that supports easier digestion becomes even more important. With goat’s milk formula, children can count on the benefits of natural prebiotics where digestion is concerned.

Natural prebiotics remain in the digestive system, opposed to being digested by the human body. When they enter the large intestine, they absorb a certain quantity of water. During the digestion process, stool encounters this water; this means that stool will become softer and easier to pass. Thus, children who are prone to problems such as cramps and constipation can benefit greatly from having high levels of natural prebiotics in their daily diet.

In addition to the absorption of water, natural prebiotics also stimulate the growth of so-called healthy gut bacteria; these include lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. Bacteria such as this aid digestion and make it more effective. However, their growth also limits the number of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive system; these are the bacteria that may cause illness and inflammation. So, in addition to making digestion more efficient, natural prebiotics also protect the overall health of your child.


Why Should I Choose Oli6’s Natural Goat’s Milk Formula Over All Other Brands?

There are many reasons why Australian parents put their trust in Oli6. Our company is proudly Australia-owned, which also means we manufacture our formula in Australia. By manufacturing our formula in Australia, we can guarantee a continuous supply to parents across the country.

Oli6 is also easy to obtain. Our range of formulas is being stocked by numerous pharmacies, which you can easily find by entering your postcode or location in our convenient store locator menu. Of course, parents can also obtain our formula by placing their order on our website.

Parents who want to gain more information about Oli6 formula can also visit our resource page; this includes information about bottle feeding, goat’s formula, and much more!