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Many parents are wondering which formula is safer for their little one, natural goat’s milk formula or organic goat’s milk formula. Natural goat’s milk formula and organic goat’s milk formula provide very similar benefits.

Organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula must meet strict Australian guidelines where formula is concerned. So, when you obtain a natural goat’s milk formula or organic  goat’s milk formula, they will both be nutritionally complete and safe for your little one.

There are some differences between organic and natural goat’s milk formula, more specifically how they are made. For the purpose for this example, we will focus on natural goat’s formula.

What Safety Considerations Should I Think About With Formula That Meets Australian Guidelines?

While most formulas will meet the Australian regulations, there is one major thing to consider when choosing formula. When you give your child formula, it is always advised to keep an eye out for intolerance symptoms; e.g. your child may experience lots of cramps, constipation, vomiting, or diarrhoea. In these cases, you must consult with a medical professional to ensure you get a safe formula recommendation.


What Is The Safest Way To Prepare Water For Formula?

As you may know already, water must be prepared properly before it can be used to make formula. Bottled water is not recommended for this, as water can contain high levels of sodium and sulphates, which are not safe for your child. Instead, you should use fresh tap water.

To prepare the water for your child’s formula, put some tap water in an electric jug or boil some tap water on the stove. After boiling the water, leave it to cool down for at least thirty minutes to get it to room temperature.

How To Safely Prepare Powdered Infant Formula?

Making up a bottle of formula is quite straightforward, yet the process can be daunting for new parents. No worries though, as you will get used to making formula in no time.

Before we elaborate on making powdered formula, we must mention that it is recommended to always refer to the instructions from the manufacturer. Depending on the brand you have chosen, you may require a different amount of water or formula powder per bottle. So, it is essential to check before you get started.

To make up a feed, add the required amount of prepared water to a sterilised baby bottle. Then, add a scoop of the powdered formula. Always make sure you have levelled off the scoop before adding it to the bottle. Once you have added everything, you can close the bottle with the ring and the cap.

Start mixing the powder and the formula by gently swirling the bottle around. Once most of the powder has mixed with the water, you can shake the bottle a little more rigorously until all the powder has dissolved in the water.

Before feeding the formula to your little one, always check the temperature of the formula. Add a couple of drops of formula to your wrists. The formula should be warm, not hot.


How Much Formula Can I Prepare In Advance Safely?

Most patients prepare formula just before they feed their little one, but sometimes you may be required to make up a few bottles beforehand; e.g. when you have the babysitter over.

When making formula beforehand, there are some rules to take into consideration; these rules will prevent bacteria from getting into your child’s formula.

Once you have made up a bottle of formula, you can only leave it out for a maximum of one hour. So, if you are making up some formula to be used later in the day, always put the formula in the refrigerator to keep it free from bacteria.

We must also mention that formula should only be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of 24 hours. If you leave your formula in the fridge for longer, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. So, always make up a new batch the next day if you prefer to make up your bottles for that day in advance.

Finally, never give your child leftover formula. Once your child has drunk from the bottle, it is exposed to all kinds of bacteria. Even if your child does not drink all the formula, it is necessary to discard it immediately after a feeding session.

Where Can I Learn More About Natural Goat’s Formula Before I Choose It For My Child?

If you are considering natural goat’s formula for your child, we kindly refer you to the many resource pages for parents on our website www.oli6.com; this includes detailed information about our formula, its ingredients, and preparation.