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Since a lot of children are sensitive to certain ingredients when they are younger, a lot of parents are looking for a formula that is less allergenic. Goat’s formula is considered as one of the good options when it comes to being tolerated by little ones, but it still leaves parents with the question which one is better, natural goat’s milk formula or organic goat’s milk formula?

Which Is Better?

Both natural goat’s milk formula and organic goat’s milk formula are different from conventional formula, as they leave out the unnecessary additives by focussing on the beneficial compounds that are already present inside goat’s milk. So, either natural goat’s milk formula or organic goat’s milk formula could be a good choice for your bub.


What Are Allergens And How Do They End Up In Formula?

Allergens are compounds that could cause certain negative reactions; this may include rashes, digestive distress, etc. The degree of sensitivity your little one has can determine the intensity of symptoms too, so it is not uncommon for parents not to notice any problem until later on. This is also one of the reasons why some parents only choose a different formula some time later.

There are many ways in which allergens can be present inside formula. Conventional formula tends to be one of the most prominent where allergens are concerned, since many manufacturers include artificial additives. This is a major reason for parents to choose a natural goat’s milk formula or organic goat’s milk formula.

How Do I Know My Little One Is Sensitive To Certain Allergens?

As we mentioned earlier, sensitivity can show itself in many ways. The symptoms can vary from mild to severe, which is why it is important for parents to keep an eye on their little one when they start giving their little bub formula or when their toddler starts to eat solid foods.

When it comes to sensitivities, there are some characteristic symptoms parents can encounter. Common symptoms include digestive distress, excessive crying, rashes, breathing difficulties, bloody stools, and more. If you notice that the symptoms your little one experiences are quite severe, it is important to contact your child’s paediatrician immediately.

Why Is Natural Goat’s Milk Formula Or Organic Goat’s Milk Formula The Better Choice?

Natural formulas do not add any unnecessary additives. Instead, they are made from a source product with plenty of beneficial nutrients. This is the case for our natural goat’s formula, which takes  advantage of beneficial vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Because of the nature of goat’s milk, manufacturers can also avoid common formula allergens, which are usually added during the manufacturing process. A common allergen is fish oil, which does not need to be added to our natural goat’s milk formula due to the natural presence of phospholipids.

How Should I Introduce Solid Foods That Are Known To Cause Sensitivities?

If your child has suffered from certain sensitivities with their first formula, parents should take extra care when they start to introduce new ingredients during the solid food stage. Here are some of our top tips to introduce those ingredients safely.

Some ingredients are more likely to cause sensitivities than others; this is the case for ingredients such as milk, eggs, nuts, fish, soy, and wheat. With these ingredients, a lot of parents wait until their child is older before introducing them; this is especially the case for ingredients such as nuts, which can also be a choking hazard for a young child.

To avoid confusion, it is essential to only introduce one new ingredient at a time. When you start introducing solid foods, always make sure you only introduce one ingredient opposed to an entire meal. If your child has a sensitivity to that ingredient, symptoms should start to appear within a couple of minutes to a couple of hours.

Symptoms parents should be aware of include rashes such as hives and welts, vomiting, and severe diarrhoea. There are also some serious symptoms that would require immediate medical attention; this includes breathing difficulties, losing consciousness, wheezing, a swollen face, tongue, or lip, etc. If you notice any of these symptoms appearing after your child has consumed a certain ingredient, contact emergency services immediately.


Where Can I Learn More About The Natural Formula From Oli6?

Parents who want to try Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula for their little one can find a lot more information on our website. We invite you to head over to our information pages to get a detailed overview of our formula’s benefits, its content, and even its use.

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