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The differences between organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula are minor. Natural and organic goat’s milk formula use the same source product, goat’s milk, although the goats themselves are kept differently to ensure an either natural or organic goat’s milk formula.

Since the difference between natural and organic goat’s milk formula are quite minimal, it is certainly more important to focus on the benefits both formula types provide. Below, we have created an overview of goat’s milk formula benefits, and whether you choose for natural or organic goat’s milk formula, you always enjoy the benefits associated with goat’s milk listed below.

Why Is Formula Based on Goat’s Milk Better Than Formula Based on Cow’s Milk?

While each formula type has its merits, goat’s milk formula often proves more beneficial for infants due to its digestion benefits. Goat’s milk formula is gentler on an infant’s tiny tummy, so parents could avoid common digestion-related problems by choosing goat’s formula over other formula types.

The reason why natural goat’s milk formula is easier to digest can be found in the source product of this formula, more specifically fresh goat’s milk. When comparing fresh goat’s milk to cow’s milk, it is clear that the formula contains six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides.


Once prebiotic oligosaccharides are consumed, they travel to the large intestine and remain there. Oligos serve as a food source for healthy gut bacteria, enabling them to grow and promote digestion at the same time. The prebiotic oligosaccharides also limit growth of pathogenic bacteria, which could cause illness and digestion-related problems. Therefore, prebiotic oligos do not only promote digestion, they also protect your child’s digestive health!

In addition to aiding the growth of healthy gut bacteria, prebiotic oligosaccharides also absorb water in the large intestine. When stool passes through the large intestine, it then comes in contact with water and becomes softer; this softer stool is also easier to pass, enabling infants to avoid problems such as cramps and constipation.

When I Cannot Breastfeed, Is a more Natural Goat’s Milk Formula the Best Option?

Human milk is always the best option for a growing child. Unfortunately, there are instances where the mum cannot provide the infant with the amount of human milk required for good growth and development. There can be other medical reasons why a mum cannot breastfeed her child. In these cases, the paediatrician can advise a switch to formula or a mixed feeding strategy.

Natural goat’s milk formula is a good alternative for mums who cannot breastfeed their child. Goat’s milk in its pure form has lots of similarities to human milk, which are adopted by goat’s milk formula.

One of the similarities between goat’s milk formula and human milk is the structure of the prebiotic oligosaccharides. The structure of the oligos is remarkably similar to the structure of prebiotic oligosaccharides inside human milk; this naturally benefits the child who must digest those compounds.

Goat’s milk also contains a similar amount of phospholipids. These phospholipids are linked to functions such as brain development and a reduced risk of gastrointestinal infections. So, the presence of phospholipids in any formula cannot be underestimated. Of course, a closer level of phospholipids to human milk could certainly be beneficial too; this is why goat’s milk formula is such a great choice.

Another comparable factor between fresh goat’s milk and human milk is the level of nucleotides. When comparing goat’s milk and human milk, the levels of nucleotides are remarkably similar; this fact is important too, especially when you realise that nucleotides play a major role in cell development and regeneration.

Goat’s milk also contains a similar amount of amino acids, the building blocks of the human body! Amino acids are required for hundreds of biological processes in the body, so their presence in goat’s milk formula is bound to contribute to good growth and development.


Why Should I Choose a more Natural Goat’s Formula from Oli6?

Oli6 is Australian-owned and manufactures its goat’s milk formula in Australia; this means parents do not have to worry about their formula supply when choosing Oli6. They can easily order their batch of formula from our website, but various pharmacies across Australia stock our formula too. Simply enter your address in the store locator window and hit “enter” to find your nearest seller.

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