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Many parents wonder if organic goat’s milk formula is the best option for their little one; after all, organic goat’s milk formula does provide some of the benefits of goat’s milk. While many parents automatically look for organic goat’s milk formula, many forget about another alternative that also provides the benefits of goat’s milk— natural goat’s milk formula.

While there is no doubt organic goat’s milk formula provides benefit, natural goat’s milk formula could be another choice for parents who want the most advantageous formula for their little one. To illustrate the number of benefits parents can expect, we have listed the known benefits of natural goat’s milk formula below.

Goasts Milk Formula Benefits

Why Do Parents Switch From Cow’s Formula To Natural Goat’s Milk Formula?

There are a lot of children who experience digestive-related problems with cow’s milk formula; this could be due to a sensitivity or intolerance that a child may have to  a cow’s milk formula While not all children experience these problems, the ones that do may benefit from a natural goat’s milk formula.

Natural goat’s formula tends to be a good option for children with a sensitive tummy; this has a lot to do with the digestion benefits of goat’s formula. Below, we have explained how goat’s formula provides improved digestion in a little more detail.

Does Goat’s Formula Naturally Improve Gut Health And Digestion?

Goat’s formula can improve gut health and digestion; this through the presence of natural prebiotics. Natural prebiotics is a term used to describe non-digestible fibres called prebiotic oligosaccharides. Prebiotic oligosaccharides perform various functions once they are consumed, even though they are not digested by the body.

Once ingested, prebiotic oligosaccharides travel to the large intestine. The non-digestible fibres then become food for healthy gut bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. Naturally, by providing these bacteria with food, prebiotic oligosaccharides are responsible for the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Increasing the amount of healthy gut bacteria also influences the number of harmful bacteria in the gut. By increasing the number of healthy bacteria, there is less room for pathogenic bacteria that can make your little one sick. So, in addition to promoting better digestion by letting healthy bacteria grow, prebiotic oligosaccharides also protect your child’s gut health.

We must mention that most formulas contain certain levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides. However, the difference lies in the amount. Goat’s milk can contain up  to six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides compared to regular cow’s milk. Therefore, goat’s milk formula could promote digestion better than a cow’s milk formula for some children.

What Does It Mean To Choose A Natural Goat’s Formula?

While parents may come across the word “natural” in the shopping aisles, not all parents are aware of its meaning. Getting familiar with the term is advised though, as natural formulas can provide a number of benefits for children.

A natural formula will adopt some of the benefits of its source product. In case of natural goat’s formula, this is goat’s milk. Goat’s milk naturally contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, but also compounds such as nucleotides, phospholipids, and prebiotic oligosaccharides. Because of their presence in the source milk,  they do not have to be added artificially during the manufacturing process.

How Does Goat’s Milk Formula Compare To Human Milk?

Health professionals will always recommend giving your little bub human milk, as this is always the best option. However, there can be circumstances that prevent a mum from giving her little bub human milk. When this is the case, mums tend to look for formulas that have similarities to human milk. Natural goat’s formula is such an alternative.

Natural goat’s formula shares some similarities with human milk. Both products contain similar levels of phospholipids, nucleotides, and amino acids, which can be beneficial for the child. The prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat’s milk are also structurally close to those inside human milk.


Should I Make The Switch To Goat’s Milk Formula?

Switching formulas is usually recommended when there is a medical reason to do so. However, if your child is experiencing severe symptoms of diarrhoea or vomiting after the consumption of cow’s formula, it is advised to book an appointment with your child’s paediatrician immediately.

Severe symptoms after the consumption of a formula could point to an underlying medical problem, in which case the health professional must determine its exact cause. By determining the cause, the health professional can also recommend a formula your child can tolerate and digest. When in doubt, make sure to print the information of our goat’s formula from the Oli6 website before your appointment with your paediatrician.