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A lot of parents wonder if certain formulas are better for their childs’  health than others. Truth of the matter is, all infant and follow on formulas sold legally in Australia are nutritionally complete, so they provide what your little one needs in terms of growth and development. That being said, some formulas provide additional benefits that could be a deciding factor.

Formulas such as organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula tend to be more beneficial for digestion. They are gentler on a child’s sensitive tummy, while providing all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your little bub needs. To find out more about the benefits of goat’s milk-based formulas, please read the information provided below.

Is Organic Goat’s Milk Formula Healthier Than Natural Goat’s Milk Formula?

Many parents wrongfully believe that organic goat’s milk formula is automatically better than the natural version; this is not necessarily the case.  The truth of the matter is that both organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula provide similar benefits, despite the fact they are sourced somewhat differently. To illustrate just how beneficial natural formula can be compared to organic goat’s milk formula, we have based the health benefits below on natural goat’s milk formula.


How Does Natural Goat’s Milk Formula Provide Healthy Digestion?

Digestion tends to be easier for infants who are on natural goat’s milk formula; this relates to the presence of prebiotic oligosaccharides. Even though most formulas contain these non-digestible fibres, goat’s milk contains six times more of these compounds compared to cow’s milk.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides are also known under the term “natural prebiotics”. These natural prebiotics remain in the large intestine, where they absorb water and promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. The absorbed water encounters stool and makes it softer and easier to pass. Promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria helps with the breakdown of food and can subsequently avoid constipation.

The growth of those healthy bacteria in the gut also has an influence on the number of harmful, pathogenic bacteria. By increasing the numbers of healthy bacteria, there is less room for the harmful bacteria. As a result, prebiotic oligosaccharides can reduce the chance of digestive distress caused by illness or infection.

Formulas that contain higher levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides can be easier to digest for some infants. If your little bub has experienced problems digesting cow’s milk formula, then a goat’s milk formula could be the better option. However, if your little bub has shown some serious discomfort after consuming their cow’s milk formula, it is best to get an appointment with your paediatrician before you switch formula.

In some rare cases, infants can suffer from underlying medical conditions, making it extremely hard for them to digest certain compounds. While most children can go on goat’s milk formula without problem, there can be instances where a specialist formula must be prescribed by a paediatrician. So, when in doubt, make sure you contact your paediatrician first.

Why Is Goat’s Milk Formula A Healthy Choice Overall?

Some parents may be aware of this fact already, but it is certainly worth mentioning that goat’s milk and human milk share many similarities. From having prebiotic oligosaccharides that are structurally similar to having similar levels of phospholipids and nucleotides, the amount of similarities between human milk and goat’s milk are many.

One of the additional similarities between both types of milk are that they contain similar levels of amino acids. Since amino acids are responsible for almost all the biological processes in the human body, high levels of these compounds in formula is certainly something parents are looking for.

Finally, goat’s milk and human milk share similar higher levels of protein. If your child experiences problems with digestion, then Oli6 natural formula could be the way to go.


What Classifies As Natural Goat’s Formula?

Many parents wonder what the term “natural” really means. The principle of natural goat’s formula is rather simple, as it is based on the beneficial compounds that are already present inside goat’s milk.

Goat’s milk has a bunch of compounds that must be present inside formula; this includes prebiotic oligosaccharides, nucleotides, phospholipids, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Since they are already in the source product, they do not have to be added artificially during the manufacturing process.

With a natural formula, parents can avoid many of the artificial ingredients present in other formulas. Since natural products are often preferred by parents, this makes Oli6’s natural goat’s milk formula the recommended choice.