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Parents looking for a formula for their little one will encounter natural goat’s milk formula and organic goat’s milk formula at one point, and while the taste of cow’s milk is widely known, the taste of goat’s milk is not. To help parents get a little more familiar with the taste of goat’s milk, here is some vital information you need to know.

Is There A Difference In The Taste Of Natural Goat’s Milk Formula And Organic Goat’s Milk Formula?

There can be some minor differences between the taste of natural goat’s milk formula and that of organic goat’s milk formula, albeit minor differences. There is often a bigger difference in taste when comparing conventional goat’s milk formula with organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula.


What Makes One Brand Of Goat’s Milk Taste Different From Another?

The differences in brand tastes can be explained by a number of factors. To ensure you are fully informed about each of these factors, we have explained them in a little more detail below.

One of the factors that could influence the taste of goat’s milk and subsequently formula is how the formula is processed. In general, the more processed milk is, the more different the taste. Most goat’s milk that has been obtained from goats will be pasteurized; this is a process where the milk is heated up to a certain temperature to remove any impurities. Therefore, raw goat’s milk will taste considerably different than processed goat’s milk. With this, you must also consider just how much processing has happened after the milk was obtained.

The health of the goats where the milk is obtained can influence the taste of the milk as well. Goat’s milk obtained from goats in larger production areas can taste different than those from smaller dairy environments; this due to the fact that larger dairy environments make it more likely that goats are suffering from a low-grade infection or an illness.

As you may have guessed from the previous section, the overall living environment of goats can certainly contribute to a varying goat’s milk  taste. A healthy diet and good living conditions ensures a healthy goat. In turn, this will provide a better tasting milk.

In rarer cases, the actual genealogy of the goat can influence the taste of the milk. For example, the milk from a certain species of goat may taste better than that of another species. Therefore, a lot of goat’s milk suppliers will look at their breeding stock to guarantee the best-tasting milk.

Do Children Like Oli6 Natural Goat’s Milk Formula?

Many parents have provided feedback to us that their child loves the flavour of our Oli6 natural goat’s formula. Since it is not uncommon for children not to like the taste of their formula, Oli6 provides a good  option for parents who have trouble finding a formula their little one likes.

How Can I Help My Child Get Used To The Taste Of New Formula?

If you are switching to a formula with a different kind of protein, it can be helpful to decrease the amount of the original formula over the course of four days. On the first day, you can provide a mixture of 75% old formula and 25% new formula; this should help your little one gets used to the new formula.


Does Natural Goat’s Milk Formula Or Organic Goat’s Milk Formula Have Any Benefits?

Natural goat’s formula has loads of benefits. One of the main benefits associated with natural goat’s formula is improved digestion; this because goat’s formula contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides.

Natural prebiotics are unique fibres that absorb water in the large intestine; this makes passing stool softer and easier to pass. Natural prebiotics are also food for healthy gut bacteria. So, by having more natural prebiotics in your child’s diet, you can promote the growth of these healthy gut bacteria and make digestion more efficient. In addition to making digestion better, the larger numbers of natural prebiotics also limit the growth of harmful, pathogenic bacteria.

In addition to having beneficial natural prebiotics, natural goat’s milk formula is also an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Natural goat’s formula also shares similarities to human milk; this from similar levels of phospholipids and nucleotides. Therefore, this could make natural goat’s formula a good option for mixed feeding purposes.

Which Natural Formula Should I Get For My Bub?

Parents could consider the natural goat’s formula from Oli6. Our formula is made in Australia with natural goat’s milk, ensuring parents gain access to a continuous supply of formula with a good taste. If you wish to learn more about our natural goat’s formula, be sure to check out the various information pages on our website.