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Natural goat’s milk formula and organic goat’s milk formula have increased in popularity over the past couple of years; this due to the  they deliver without the need for unnecessary additives. Still, despite its popularity, a lot of parents are confused about the use of natural goat’s milk formula and organic goat’s milk formula.

To ensure parents can get the most from natural goat’s milk and organic goat’s milk formula, we have created an overview of essential information. Below, we answer questions such as when can you start feeding your little one natural goat’s milk formula or organic goat’s milk formula? Or when should you start introducing solid foods while using natural goat’s milk formula or organic goat’s milk formula? Be sure to read on if you want these questions answered!


When Can I Start To Give My Little One Formula?

Oli6 provides formulas that are suitable from birth; this means you could use Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula as soon as the little bub is born. However, we do need to mention that human milk is always the best option for your little one. Therefore, if you do have the ability to breastfeed, we will always urge you to do so.

There are some instances where a mum cannot breastfeed; this can be due to a pre-existing problem or a lack of human milk. In these cases, formula feeding could provide an alternative.

When Can I Give My Little One Solids And Juice?

Babies should always be a minimum of four months old before you start introducing solids. Of course, it is not uncommon for some children to take a little longer, since some parents do not start their little one on solids until six months.

There are some signs that parents should look out for; these signs can indicate your little one is ready to start trying solids. For example, when your child is ready, (s)he will start to show some interest in solid foods; this could express itself in watching other people eat, reaching out for some of the foods on your plate, or even opening the mouth when food is near.

In addition to indications your child is ready, parents should make sure their child can handle the introduction of solid foods by looking at their physical readiness. Firstly, your little one must be able to hold his or her head in an upright position and be able to sit up unaided. A child must also have certain skills to eat solids, more specifically an ability to move the food to the throat and swallowing it.

Most children who are ready for solids will have doubled in weight since their birth. While this is not an exact number, children must be close to double their birth weight before you attempt to provide solid foods.

When Can I Start Giving My Little One Milk Drinks Or Regular Goat’s Milk?

Until your little one reaches the age of one, they require quite specific amounts of nutrients. Therefore, regular milk drinks and milk are not given to a child until they have reached the age of one.

When you choose a milk drink or regular milk for your little one after the use of formula, always remember that you should not use skimmed milk. Children grow at an incredibly rapid rate at an early age, so they require the fats present in regular milk for that development.


Do I Transition From Formula To Milk After My Child Reaches The Age Of 1?

Parents may find that the switch from formula or human milk to regular milk is not always that easy. Many children have a fear of things they do not know, so you might need to use a transition technique to get your child used to some new products in their diet.

Most parents start to decrease their child’s consumption of formula by alternating between bottle of formula and bottles of milk. However, we must mention that parents should not exceed three cups of milk a day.

There are some additional products that could make the transition easier. For example, Oli6 provides a goat’s milk drink for toddlers, which could be easier to transition to from goat’s formula.

To view some of the milk drinks we have available, in addition to our exquisite range of formula, we invite you to head over to our shop pages. On these pages, you can find all the available goat’s formulas and milk drinks, which could potentially benefit your little one.

Want to acquire more information about our milk drinks and formulas? Parents can find more detailed information in the information section on our website. Alternatively, parents can also sign up for the Facebook community, which is useful to get some additional questions answered.