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When you think about the fact that both organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula are made from fresh goat’s milk, you would think they have exactly the same vitamin and mineral content. While the vitamin and mineral content inside natural and organic goat’s milk formula may be quite similar, they can be dependent on the formula manufacturer.

Despite the minor differences that can occur in natural and organic goat’s milk formula, it may be best to look at some of the natural vitamins and minerals that are present in fresh goat’s milk. Both natural and organic goat’s milk formula have higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals, since they are already present inside goat’s milk. Let us take a look at these vitamins and minerals, as well as some of the additional benefits natural and organic goat’s milk formula can deliver.

Which Vitamins And Minerals Are Contained In Goat’s Milk?

Parents who choose a natural goat’s milk formula will find that they can count on many natural vitamins and minerals that arepresent inside goat’s milk. When you compare goat’s milk to cow’s milk, you will notice that goat’s milk contains more calcium, magnesium, vitamin Aand vitamin C.

There are other compounds inside goat’s milk that contribute to the popularity of natural goat’s milk formula; this includes prebiotic oligosaccharides. To explain why these non-digestible fibres are important, we have elaborated on their function below.


What Are Prebiotic Oligosaccharides And Why Should They Be In My Child’s Formula?

Goat’s milk contains six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides than regular cow’s milk, and this provides benefitsl for digestion. Once these non-digestible fibres are consumed, they travel to the large intestine. There, they remain to absorb water and to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

When the absorbed water encounters stool, the stool becomes a lot softer. This makes stool considerably easier to pass. So, for children who regularly encounter constipation and cramps, the presence of prebiotic oligosaccharides can be quite beneficial.

The growth of healthy gut bacteria after the consumption of natural goat’s milk formula is beneficial for more than just digestion. The growth of these healthy bacteria has benefits for your children’s overall health. By increasing the number of healthy bacteria, prebiotic oligosaccharides reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria. Since the latter can cause illness and digestive distress, the presence of natural prebiotics in your child’s diet cannot be underestimated.

Does Goat’s Milk Have Similarities To Human Milk?

When we mention the benefits of natural goat’s formula, we should also mention the similarities goat’s milk shares with human milk. While mums should always consider that human milk is always the best option for their little one, there can be instances where a mum cannot provide enough human milk or is unable to. If this is the case, then goat’s milk formula could be a good alternative or suitable for mixed feeding, considering the many similarities between human milk and goat’s milk.

As we mentioned in the earlier section, goat’s milk has quite a few things in common with human milk. Firstly, the prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat’s milk are structurally similar to those inside human milk. Goat’s milk also has similar levels of phospholipids and nucleotides, responsible for functions such as brain development, cell development and cell regeneration.


Goat’s milk and human milk also share similar levels of amino acids. Amino acids are extremely important for a growing and developing child, especially when you consider that these substances are used in almost all biological processes inside the body.

When your child shows severe symptoms after consuming cow’s formula, it is important to make an appointment with a paediatrician as soon as possible. There can be an underlying medical problem, causing your child being unable to digest certain protein. If this is the case, the paediatrician may recommend an alternative.

Should I Choose Natural Goat’s Milk Formula Over Organic?

Natural goat’s milk formula is just as good as organic. Oli6 Goat’s Milk Formula takes advantage of the natural benefits that are already present inside goat’s milk, we also manufacture our formula in Australia, ensuring Australian parents always get access to the best Aussie formula.