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While the nutrients of a formula are the most important denominators, the taste of formula is important too. Most people wonder if their child will take to the taste of organic goat’s milk formula or natural goat’s formula. The answer is quite simple, most parents find their child takes to the flavour of both organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s formula well.

Since both natural and organic goat’s milk formula are made from goat’s milk, their taste is relatively similar. However, the taste of organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula can be different by the brand you buy; this since most manufacturers have their own method and formula recipe.

There are numerous organic goat’s milk formulas and natural goat’s milk formulas to choose from, but if you are looking for a formula with a natural taste, we can recommend the natural goat’s milk formula from Oli6.


What Is The Main Benefit Of Natural Goat’s Milk Formula From Oli6?

One of the reasons why many parents consider the natural goat’s milk formula from Oli6 is easier digestion. Digestion can be a big problem for toddlers, especially since the digestion system is still developing for most. During this time, toddlers can be more sensitive, so it is important to choose a formula they can tolerate well. Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula can be a goof option!

Oli6 natural goat’s formula contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides. These natural prebiotics are vital for the digestion of your little one, as these non-digestible fibres promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and absorb water in the large intestine.  The absorption of water makes stool softer and easier to pass, while the healthy gut bacteria help to break down foods more effectively. The growth of the healthy bacteria also limits the growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria, protecting your child’s health as well as promoting good digestion.

What Is Another Major Benefit Of Natural Goat’s Milk Formula From Oli6?

While easier digestion is a major reason for parents to choose the natural formula from Oli6, there is another reason why this formula is so popular among Australian parents. Natural goat’s milk formula shares some properties with human milk; this due to the similarities between human milk and goat’s milk.

One of the similarities between human milk and goat’s milk is the level of specific protein. This is the protein that is easier to digest for most toddlers. If your toddler has experienced a little discomfort after drinking cow’s milk formula, then goat’s milk formula could be the better alternative.

Another similarity between goat’s milk and human milk are the prebiotic oligosaccharides inside. The structure of the oligos inside goat’s milk is quite similar to those inside human milk. Thus, the formula could be easier to tolerate for most children.

Human milk and goat’s milk also contain similar levels of amino acids; these are the building blocks of the human body, responsible for almost all biological processes. Therefore, the quality and quantity of amino acids inside formula cannot be underestimated.

Finally, human milk and goat’s milk also share similar levels of phospholipids and nucleotides. Phospholipids contribute to brain development, but they also reduce the chance of gastrointestinal infections. Nucleotides are also important, since they assist with cell development and cell regeneration.

How Is Oli6 Goat’s Formula Natural?

A formula is considered natural when the manufacturer takes advantage of the beneficial compounds that are already present in the source product. In the case of goat’s milk, it already contains valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which do not have to be added artificially during the manufacturing process.

Substances that do not have to be added during the manufacturing process include, but are not limited to, prebiotic oligosaccharides, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, nucleotides and phospholipids.


Why Choose Oli6 Over Other Goat’s Milk Formula Brands?

There are many reasons why parents choose Oli6 Goat’s Milk Formula. Firstly, Oli6 is one of the few goat’s formula brands who create their natural formula in Australia. By manufacturing the formula within Australia, parents are guaranteed to have a continuous supply; this means the supply cannot be interrupted by overseas transport.

Oli6 is also dedicated to continuing its research into its formula and provide parents with the most accurate information. All research conducted into goat’s milk and goat’s formula happens through RMIT in Melbourne, Australia; this ensures our formula meets the Australian quality standards.

For more information about our formula and its benefits, we kindly refer you to our website www.oli6.com. You can also follow our Instagram and Facebook – oli6toddler to get the latest news on Oli6!