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When you are looking for a good formula, there are countless things to take into consideration. While it may seem like a daunting process, we at Oli6 aim to make things a little easier for you.

Below, we have compiled a list with important factors to consider when you search for a formula. Of course, we believe strongly in the benefits of goat’s milk formula, so examples used in this article will relate to this formula type.

Should I Choose Natural or Organic Goat’s Milk Formula?

Parents often ask us if they should choose a natural or organic goat’s milk formula. Our answer is that the differences between natural and organic goat’s milk formula are incredibly minor; this since organic goat’s milk formula is made from organic milk and natural formula from natural milk.

Natural and organic goat’s milk formula provide the same benefits, so it often comes down to where the brand is manufacturing its formula. If you choose an organic goat’s milk formula brand that manufacturers overseas, a continuous supply cannot be guaranteed. However, if you choose a natural brand in Australia, you can count on a continuous supply.


What Is the Most Important Factor When Choosing a Baby Formula?

When you choose formula, the digestibility of the formula should be the most important thing. Most formulas are nutritionally complete already, so the thing to really look at is how easy it is for your child to digest a certain formula.

Naturally, there are differences between various formula types where digestibility is concerned. Some children experience problems with cow’s milk formula but seem totally fine with goat’s milk formula. But why is this?

Goat’s milk formula contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides; these are non-digestible fibres that promote digestion through the absorption of water and promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Since goat’s milk contains six times more of these natural prebiotics than cow’s milk, goat’s milk formula could be gentler on a child’s tummy.

Should I Get a Recommendation from My Paediatrician?

Some parents should get a recommendation from their paediatrician where formula is concerned; this especially applies to children who have shown severe side-effects after the consumption of regular cow’s milk formula. In these cases, an underlying medical condition should be ruled out before trying another formula.

Children who experienced problems with cow’s milk formula could find a good alternative in goat’s milk formula. Due to the higher levels of natural prebiotics, it could be more suitable for children with certain sensitivities. However, certain medical problems can rule out goat’s milk formula too. Thus, it is important to get the all clear from the paediatrician before you make the switch.

There are certain symptoms that could point to an underlying medical problem. If your child exhibits red and scaly skin, diarrhoea, fatigue, weakness, or forceful vomiting, it is important to call your doctor immediately.

Is the Form of Baby Formula Important?

When you look at baby formulas these days, you will notice they can come in a variety of forms. While forms may look important at first glance, they often are more important for the parents than for the infant.

Some types of formula can be more convenient for parents; for example ready-to-use formula. Ready-to-use formula does not require the addition of water but does come with other disadvantages. For example, parent must buy a considerable amount of this formula and must have the appropriate amount of space to store it.

Powdered formula is probably one of the most popular types of formula these days; this type of formula must be mixed with water. Of course, parents who do not like the excess preparation might choose ready-to-use formula instead. That being said, powered formula needs less space for the same amount of feeds compared to ready-to-use options.


Parents can also choose concentrated liquid formula; this type of formula is quite similar to powered, as it must be mixed with water before it can be given to your little one.

When it comes to taste and preference, most parents will find that their child takes to their chosen formula quite easily. Thus, parents must make the comparison of price, quantity, and convenience before making their decision.

While forms of baby formula are not that important for your little one, the type can be. For example, some children take easier to goat’s milk formula than cow’s milk formula. Fortunately, you can easily find reviews from other parents online, including those of parents who have experienced problems with a fussy eater.

Should I Choose Oli6 Formula?

Our natural formula takes full advantage of all the natural benefits of goat’s milk. If you need more information about our formula before you decide, be sure to check out the many information pages on our website.