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A lot of parents wonder if there is really much of a difference between organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula. This is a good question, especially when you consider that they are made with the same source product. Below, we have provided some information on the differences between organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula, as well as some additional information on why you should choose certain formulas over others.

What Is The Actual Difference Between Natural Goat’s Milk Formula And Organic Goat’s Milk Formula?

Natural goat’s milk formula and organic goat’s milk formula share more similarities than differences. The only reale difference between organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s milk formula is that they are made by two different milk “types”. Natural formula is made from natural goat’s milk, while organic goat’s milk formula is made from organic goat’s milk. This is where the difference ends.

Both natural and organic formula would avoid the use of unnecessary artificial additives in their formula; this provides parents with an overall safer formula choice for their little one.

There can be differences between brands where formula content is concerned; this can make the formula vary in terms of taste and texture. You can easily check the contents of formula by checking the packaging information or by referring to the manufacturer’s website.


Why Should I Choose Natural Goat’s Milk Formula Or Organic Goat’s Milk Formula Over Conventional Formula?

One of the major reasons why parents choose natural or organic over conventional formulas is the absence of artificial additives. As we mentioned earlier, some of the conventional formulas can include unwanted additives. By keeping a formula natural and counting on the benefits of goat’s milk, you can keep the formula of your little one safer with less additves.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Natural Goat’s Formula?

Natural goat’s milk formula is associated with a wide range of benefits.

One of the main benefits of goat’s milk formula is that it contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides. These natural prebiotics are very important for your child’s digestion; this since they perform various functions once they enter the large intestine.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides remain in the large intestine and are not digested by our body. Because they are not digested, they attach themselves to the intestinal wall and start the absorption of water. Once stool comes to pass this area of the digestive system, any passing stool becomes softer and easier to pass. Therefore, formula rich in prebiotic oligosaccharides can contribute to less cramping and constipation.

Natural prebiotics are also food sources for healthy gut bacteria, which enables these healthy gut bacteria to grow and in turn aid digestion. By increasing the numbers of helpful bacteria, prebiotic oligos also decrease the numbers of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, these non-digestible fibres will not only aid with digestion, they will also protect gastrointestinal health.

Natural goat’s formula has more benefits than improved digestion alone! In fact, goat’s formula is a goodsource of vital minerals and vitamins, all contributing to the growth and development of your little one.

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What Is A Good Natural Goat’s Formula In Australia?

Many parents prefer the natural goat’s milk formula from Oli6. The company is proudly Australian-owned and manufactures its formula in Australia too. Therefore, parents who choose Oli6 over other brands can count on an uninterrupted supply of formula.

Oli6 provides various goat’s milk formulas and milk drinks for little ones, toddlers, and children. Oli6 uses both sachets and cannisters as packaging material. The sachets are useful for parents who want to try our formula without buying a large quantity immediately, while our cannisters provide a strong and durable packaging for a larger supply of formula.

Parents who are environmentally-conscious should consider Oli6 as their formula supplier too. Oli6 solely uses recyclable materials for its formula packaging; this also includes the packaging your formula will be delivered in!

Would you like some additional information about Oli6 formula before you decide whether or not to order Oli6 formula? On our website, parents can find lots of information pages and resources for parents; this can make it easier to make an informed decision. Of course, you can also refer to our shop page on our website, which contains each of our formula options with additional info, a complete ingredient overview, and even preparation instructions.

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