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When parents are confronted with formula options, they often encounter natural as well as organic goat’s milk formula options. While both are great, it can cause some doubts in the mind of parents, unaware of the differences between these types of formulas.

Even though there is a difference between organic and natural products, the differences can be minor, making the decision even harder. However, to help parents make the right decision, we have listed some detailed information for you below.

What Is an Organic Product?

Organic products[1] are solely manufactured from ingredients with an organic origin. Let us take the example of an organic goat’s milk formula. An organic goat’s milk formula is made from organic goat’s milk; this means the goats who produce the milk were fed organic foods.

To be fully organic and to be certified as such, organic goat’s milk formula must meet specific criteria too. Organic goat’s milk formula is only organic when ingredients of agricultural origin are free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and GM.

A natural formula tends to be more straightforward. This type of formula only contains a limited number of additives and incorporates all the natural benefits of the source product. For example, a natural goat’s milk formula – such as Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula – will adopt the high levels of vitamins and minerals already present in fresh goat’s milk.

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What Are the Advantages of an Oli6 Natural Goat’s Milk Formula?

As you may have guessed from the information above, natural goat’s milk formulas can come with loads of benefits. Oli6 is one of the brands that provides a natural formula, accompanied with countless benefits for the little bub.

One of the biggest benefits of a natural formula from Oli6 is the presence of many prebiotic oligos inside the formula. The prebiotic oligos are directly obtained from goat’s milk, which contains six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides than regular cow’s milk.

Non-digestible fibres such as natural prebiotics have a direct influence on gut health and digestion. The oligos feed beneficial bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, which make digestion easier overall. The growth of these healthy bacteria limits the growth of bad bacteria as well, protecting a child’s gastrointestinal health.

By promoting better digestion, goat’s milk formula is often the recommended choice for infants and toddlers with a sensitive tummy. If your child has a little trouble digesting regular cow’s milk formula, the higher levels of oligos inside goat’s milk formula could provide a better solution.

In addition to providing improved digestion, natural goat’s milk formula also has high levels of essential vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are naturally obtained from fresh goat’s milk. They are calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C, which are all essential nutrients for a child who is still growing and developing.

Oli6 goat’s milk formula is also an outstanding source of phospholipids. In fact, the levels of phospholipids inside fresh goat’s milk are quite similar to those of human milk, so parents can expect similar benefits. Phospholipids are associated with brain development, which is extremely important for a young child. However, these compounds are also associated with a reduced risk of gastrointestinal infections. So, this once again proves that goat’s milk formula is an excellent choice for infants and toddlers with a sensitive tummy.

When you choose a natural goat’s milk formula for your little one, you can also count on high levels of nucleotides, similar to those inside human milk. Nucleotides are quite important for the development and functioning of the human body too, since these compounds contribute to cell growth and regeneration.

Oli6 natural goat’s milk formula contains a lot of amino acids too. These compounds are the natural building blocks of the human body, responsible for almost all biological processes. Amino acids are some of the essential compounds in the diet of an infant or a toddler, so their presence inside a natural goat’s milk formula cannot be underestimated.


We must also mention that the goat’s milk used to create Oli6 goat’s milk formula has a protein structure that is similar to human milk which could be easier to digest for children with specific protein sensitivities.

Where Is Oli6’s Natural Goat’s Milk Formula Made?

Oli6’s natural goat’s milk formula is manufactured in Australia; this is no surprise, especially when you consider that Oli6 is an Australian owned business. Therefore, our Oli6 formula also meets the strict regulations for infant and toddler formulas as described in Australian law.

Since Oli6 natural formula is manufactured in Australia, parents will have no problems getting continuous access to our formula. Oli6 is sold by many stockists in Australia but is also available online from the Oli6 website. For more information, please head over to the product description page on our website.

[1] https://www.nourishedlife.com.au/article/38135/what-certified-organic.html