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Many people choose natural formula’s like Oli6 over an organic goat’s milk formula these days, but there are certainly lots of reasons for them to do so. A natural goat’s formula from Oli6 can have a lot more benefits than an organic goat’s milk formula, leading parents to choose natural over organic.

But why is a natural goat’s formula so much better than organic goat’s milk formula? If you want to know, be sure to read through the benefits associated with Oli6 natural goat’s formula over other organic goat’s milk formulas.

Why Should Parents Choose Natural Goat’s Milk Over Cow’s Milk Formula?

Before we elaborate on the benefits of a natural over organic formula, we should mention why a lot of parents choose goat’s milk based formulas over cow’s milk formulas.

Goat’s milk formulas have proven to be easier to digest for infants, and this is a benefit not many parents can overlook. Natural formula contains the best from goat’s milk; this includes the high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides.


Why Is Digestion Easier with a Natural Goat’s Milk Formula from Oli6?

Oli6 takes full advantage of the natural benefits of fresh goat’s milk; this includes the high levels of prebiotic oligos. These prebiotic oligos remain in the digestive system and are therefore not digested by the human body.

Even though prebiotic oligos are not digested by the body, they still serve as food for something else. The healthy gut bacteria in the large intestine, which aid with digestion, use prebiotic oligos as food. So, by having more prebiotic oligosaccharides in your diet, digestion becomes easier and more effective.

Prebiotic oligos inside the large intestine also absorb water, which also influences digestion. When stool eventually passes through the large intestine, it encounters the water and subsequently becomes softer and easier to pass. Therefore, problems such as cramps and constipation are less likely when your infant has a formula high in prebiotic oligosaccharides.

Does a Natural Goat’s Milk Formula Contain Any Additives?

Many people believe that organic goat’s milk formula is the best choice to avoid additives in formula, but natural goat’s formula is a good choice too. Natural goat’s milk formula limits supplementary artificial additvies that aren’t required by law.

One of the additives that does not have to be added inside natural goat’s formula are prebiotic oligosaccharides. Goat’s milk formula is one of the best source products for these compounds, since fresh goat’s milk contains six times more prebiotic oligos compared to cow’s milk.

There are other things that do not have to be added to natural formula; this includes so-called phospholipids. These compounds are of great importance for a child who is still growing and developing, since phospholipids contribute to brain development. Goat’s milk also contains similar levels of phospholipids as human milk, which certainly means it is a good choice for a growing and developing child.

Natural goat’s milk formula does not contain any artificial nucleotides either, since fresh goat’s milk contains amounts that are similar to human milk. Nucleotides are also important for a growing and developing child, since these compounds contribute to cell development and cell regeneration.

In addition to the compounds mentioned above, goat’s milk is naturally rich in various vitamins and minerals; this means they do not have to be added during the production process. It includes vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Each of these vitamins and minerals contribute to growth, development, and good overall health.


When I Choose Natural Goat’s Formula, Can I Count on a Continuous Supply?

When you choose a natural goat’s milk formula for your little one, it is important to choose a formula that is manufactured in Australia; this ensures a continuous supply.

To ensure proper digestion and avoid side-effects, health professionals recommend sticking with the same formula and not switching formulas too often. If you choose a formula that has an unreliable supply chain, it could lead to a shortage of the formula, forcibly making you switch to another.

When you choose Oli6 natural goat’s milk formula, you will not encounter any problems with the supply. Oli6 is Australian-owned; this means that the manufacturing process of our formula also takes place in Australia. Therefore, parents can count on an uninterrupted supply of natural formula.

To learn more about the natural formula from Oli6, please read through the many information pages on the website. These pages are made available for parents throughout Australia, so they can make an informed decision where formula choice is concerned. Do you have any additional questions? Join our Facebook community today to get your questions answered!