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Parents considering goat’s milk formula for their toddler should pay extra attention now, because we are about to disclose the top three facts about bottle feeding your toddler with goat’s milk formula. Read on to discover the essential information you must know when you use a goat’s milk formula to supplement the diet of your toddler!

1.      Prebiotic Oligosaccharides Could Benefit Your Toddler’s Digestion

One of the key benefits of goat’s milk formula are the natural prebiotic oligosaccharides found in goat’s milk, these are non-digestible fibres that could aid the digestion of your toddler. The way these prebiotic oligosaccharides aid your toddler’s digestion will be explained in more detail below.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides are a specific form of dietary fibre inside goat formula, which are not digested by the human body. Instead, they remain in the large intestine and perform numerous functions to make digestion run a little smoother.

The first thing prebiotic oligosaccharides do is absorb water. Through the absorption of water, prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat formula can make stool softer and easier to pass, subsequently reducing the occurrence of cramping and digestive distress in toddlers susceptible to problems with digestion.

feeding goats milk formula

Prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat formula also promote the growth of probiotics in the large intestine, these are healthy gut bacteria that aid digestion. By increasing the growth of these healthy gut bacteria, digestion will run smoother, but it also decreases the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines, also known under the name pathogenic bacteria. Consequently, prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat formula do not only promote digestion, but also protect your toddler’s general health.

The usefulness of prebiotic oligosaccharides in the diet of toddlers is undeniable, so adding a natural goat formula to the diet of your child could make a major difference. If your toddler is susceptible to digestion issues, be sure to speak to your child’s paediatrician about adding goat formula to their regular diet.

2.      High Natural Levels of Vitamins and Minerals in Goat’s Milk Formula

Our Oli6 Goat’s Milk Toddler Formula contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, which are provided by the source product of our formula – fresh goat’s milk. If you are familiar with the contents of fresh goat’s milk already, you might be aware that it has high natural levels of key vitamins and minerals; this includes calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Subsequently, it is no surprise that these natural vitamin and mineral levels are present in the final product – the Oli6 Goat’s Milk Toddler Formula.

The presence of higher levels of magnesium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C could certainly contribute to the growth and development of your toddler. When you consider that magnesium alone is responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the human body, the usefulness of these vitamins and minerals cannot be underestimated.

Naturally, to promote the growth and development of your toddler, it is best to combine our goat’s milk formula with a balanced diet. Toddlers grow and develop quickly, so this means that they need many nutrients to keep up with that growth and development.

During this time, toddlers learn their eating habits as well, so if you want your toddler to develop healthy eating habits to last them a lifetime, the solid foods you serve your toddler will be just as important as the natural levels of vitamins and minerals inside goat formula.

3.      Could Fill a Nutritional Gap During the Fussy Eating Stage

Since nutrients are extremely important for the growth and development of young children, you can imagine the concern of parents when their toddler goes through the fussy eating stage. During the fussy eating stage, toddlers are likely to refuse food and are hesitant to try new ingredients. Even though this is a normal part of their development, it can become bothersome if this fussy eating stage takes longer than expected.

If your toddler keeps struggling with fussy eating habits, it is always advised to have your toddler checked out by a licensed paediatrician. Even though fussy eating habits are quite common, if this problem occurs for a longer period, it could be a sign of an underlying medical problem. However, if your toddler is deemed healthy, parents must persist in providing their toddler a balanced diet.

There is a way to provide your toddler with the vital nutrients he needs during the fussy eating stage, more specifically by using our goat’s milk toddler formula. Even though our formula should be a supplement, and not the main diet of the toddler, it could still provide the vital nutrients your toddler needs for proper growth and development during a difficult time.

If you want to give your toddler a formula to supplement a lack of nutrients in their diet, please make sure you do not give the formula right before mealtimes. By doing so, your toddler could get full by drinking formula, and refuse to eat their main meal later. This could fuel the fussy eating habits of your toddler, hence why parents must choose strategic times to give toddler formula.

To encourage your toddler to eat his solid foods at mealtimes, it could help to share a plate with your child. Simply eat the same foods as your toddler and set a good example. However, please make sure you do not add any salt or sugar to the meal in question, since these ingredients are bad for your toddler’s health.

In addition to sharing a plate with your toddler, there are other ways to tackle the fussy eating habits of your toddler. For more information on how to do this, please contact a licensed health professional or ask other parents for advice.

feeding toddlers with goats milk formula


Using a goat’s milk toddler formula for your toddler can yield some benefits for the growth and development of your little one. When combined with a balanced diet, toddlers get all the vitamins and minerals they need to be happy and healthy.

During the early stages of your child’s life, it is recommended to take your child to a paediatrician from time to time. By doing so, the paediatrician can check your child’s growth and development, and make sure they have the strongest start in life.