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As a parent, you will come across the occasional toddler formula that can provide your toddler with growth and development benefits. One of the formulas that could give your toddler some benefits is goat’s milk formula. To learn more about goat’s milk formula and the benefits it could deliver for your toddler’s development, please read the information provided by Oli6 below!

Improved Digestion – Reduced Digestive Distress

One of the reasons why parents choose goat’s milk formula is the presence of prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat formula. The prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat’s milk formula could be described as small particles, which are not digested by the human body, but remain in the large intestine to improve digestion.

toddler goats milk formula

The Oli6 goat formula for toddlers is naturally high in prebiotic oligosaccharides. Once goat formula is consumed, the prebiotic oligosaccharides travel to the large intestine. There, they start to absorb water and promote the growth of so-called probiotics.

Probiotics is the term used to refer to healthy bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for your health. Amongst other functions, they promote digestion and may improve common digestion-related problems such as the irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and diarrhea.

Some studies have indicated that probiotics are linked to the improvement of certain skin conditions and the prevention of allergies. However, more research needs to be done in this field to get definite proof.

In conclusion, the prebiotic oligosaccharides inside Oli6 goat formula could do more for your toddler’s health than improving digestion alone. Therefore, Oli6 goat formula could become a solid basis in your child’s diet.

Rich Source of Natural Vitamins and Minerals

Everyone knows that toddlers do not switch from a liquid to solid diet overnight. Therefore, most parents will experience the fussy eating stage, where their toddler refuses to eat any of the new ingredients being served to them. During this time, your toddler will still need access to critical nutrients, so this could be another application for Oli6 goat’s milk toddler formula.

Fresh goat’s milk is naturally rich in certain vitamins and minerals. Compared to regular cow’s milk, goat’s milk is richer in key nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. Therefore, it is no surprise that our formula also has these properties, giving toddlers an excellent source of these vitamins and minerals.

Each of the vitamins and minerals inside goat’s milk formula has a specific function. Magnesium is even responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions inside the human body. Therefore, your child could certainly benefit from having a high supply of these vitamins and minerals in their diet.

The Importance of a Balanced Diet

We have already explained the importance of having a good toddler formula in the diet of your child, but a balanced solid food diet is also essential for your little one. To truly understand your toddler’s nutrition, let us take a closer look at the most important factors of your toddler’s solid food diet.

  • Textures: when you introduce your child to new foods, it is important to provide your child with a variety of textures. When your child is still little, they develop the habits that will last them a lifetime. Therefore, limiting textures in their diet could cause them to develop a limited taste palate, and cause their diet to be less varied later in life. Therefore, make sure you introduce different textures when the moment presents it.
  • Avoid dangerous foods: when you play around with textures in the solid food diet of your child, do not forget that certain foods could be dangerous for your little one. Foods that are too sticky or slippery, could get lodged in your toddler’s throat and subsequently cause choking. Therefore, do not offer your child foods such as popcorn, peanuts, grapes, olives and similar foods in their original form. Instead, try to mash them up or find an alternative.
  • Give your toddler time: some toddlers eat faster than others, so make sure you give your toddler plenty of time to try the new foods you serve. Allow your baby to touch the food on the plate as well, because toddlers do this to determine if a food is safe for consumption.
  • Set an example: setting a good example for your toddler is key for their eating habits, because toddlers tend to copy their parents where behaviour is concerned. Therefore, it could be a good idea to share a plate of food with your toddler and set the example to eat certain ingredients. However, please do not add salt to your dinner if you decide to share food with your little one, because this may cause damage to the health of your toddler.
  • Check food temperature: your toddler does not realise that he must let food cool down before trying it. Therefore, the parent is responsible for the food temperature and make sure that their toddler does not burn himself. So, before you serve food to your toddler, make sure it is no longer piping hot.
  • Use finger foods: if your toddler shows little interest in trying his dinner, try serving ingredients in finger food form. Toddlers love to play around with their food to get more familiar with it, and are more likely to feed themselves if you give them the tools to do so. Naturally, if you serve finger foods, make sure they are suitable for your toddler and not considered a choking hazard.

goats milk formula for toddlers

Add Goat’s Milk Formula to Your Toddler’s Diet

Do you want to complement your toddler’s diet with a natural goat formula? If so, please consider the natural formula of Oli6, which takes full advantage of the natural benefits of fresh goat’s milk.

To find out more about our natural goat formula for toddlers, please head over to our product pages. Alternatively, you could also visit our information pages to learn more about the natural benefits of our formula, and discover how your toddler could benefit.