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The preparation process of goat’s milk powder, or any infant formula for that matter, can feel quite daunting to new parents. Fortunately, there is plenty of information available about the preparation of goat’s milk powder, benefits, including this useful guide created by the Oli6 team. So, if you need more information on goat’s milk formula preparation, be sure to read our information below.

What Should I Do Before the Preparation of Goat Milk Formula?

Before you grab the goat’s milk formula and bottle-feeding equipment, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly. To ensure your hands are free of bacteria before starting the preparation of goat’s milk formula you want to use an antibacterial hand wash. Fortunately, most hand washes available in stores today will have the antibacterial properties you are looking for.

For parents who have bought a large quantity of infant formula in a cannister, please make sure that the lid of the cannister is completely free of dust. Simply wipe of the cannister with a damp cloth to remove any dust before opening the infant formula.


What Is the Water to Powder Ratio for Goat Milk Formula?

Each brand of infant formula can have a slight variation on basic preparation guidelines. Subsequently, we always urge parents to double-check the preparation guidelines on their child’s infant formula.

Even though variations in infant formula preparation are only little, it is important to get the water to powder ratio right for formula. Any formula that does not have the correct water to powder ratio could lead to an excessive or a lack of nutrients, depending on its consistency. Therefore, always make sure to follow guidelines to the letter to ensure your child gets the right nutrition.

Can I Use Bottled Water for Goat Milk Formula Preparation?

Using bottled water for formula preparation is not recommended, since these types of water can have high levels of sodium, which are harmful to babies. Instead, it is best to use tap water.

Naturally, water obtained from the tap must be boiled before it can be used in formula. It is important not to boil the water too long though since this can cause a higher concentration of impurities. So, only boil the water for a minimum time and let the water cool down naturally afterwards.

We must mention that there are certain types of bottled water that can be used for formula preparation. When unsure about the best option for formula preparation, be sure to ask your local midwife or paediatrician for advice.

How Do I Mix Goat Milk Formula?

Before you start mixing your formula, wash your hands with some antibacterial hand wash first. Then, measure the appropriate amount of formula powder and add it to the accompanying amount of water in the baby bottle.

Once you have added formula powder to the baby bottle, please make sure you return the formula scoop back to the cannister. Also, make sure that the formula scoop is completely dry and clean.

Add the cap to the top of the baby bottle and shake the bottle. If you experience problems dissolving the powder fully in the water, try and make a twisting motion with your wrist; this usually helps the powder dissolve quicker and easier than the shaking motion.

Do I Warm Up Goat Milk Formula Before a Feeding?

Warming up goat milk formula is not obligated, but some children do prefer warm formula over cold formula. If you decide to warm up the formula for your little bub, please make sure to consider some extra safety measures.

Firstly, never warm up formula in a microwave. Many microwaves cause so-called uneven heating; this means the formula may contain hot parts that can burn the baby’s mouth. Still, if you want an easy way to warm up formula, simply put the bottle in some warm water or hold the bottle under the warm water tap for some time.

Before you feed your baby the formula, always check the temperature to ensure it does not burn the baby’s mouth. The easiest way to determine the temperature of the formula is to add a couple of drops on the wrist. If it still feels too hot, it is best to let the formula cool down a little longer.


Where Can I Get More Information on Formula Preparation?

At Oli6, parents can get more information on formula preparation by checking out our resource pages and our product description pages. Alternatively, parents can also find many tips on parent forums regarding formula preparation. If you need more professional help, you can also speak to your local midwife or paediatrician.

For any enquiries or more information please contact us on your Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Oli6Toddler.