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Many parents choose to give their child Oli6 goat’s milk formula due to its many natural digestive benefits. If you want to get more familiar with the benefits our goat’s milk powder has for toddlers, be sure to read through our additional information below.

Is Goat Milk Formula Better for the Digestion of Toddlers?

One of the main reasons why parents choose goat’s milk formula for their toddler is improved digestion. Our goat’s milk formula contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, the main compounds responsible for better digestion.

The prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat’s milk powder contribute to digestion in many ways. Firstly, these non-digestible fibres absorb water inside the large intestine. When stool comes the pass, it encounters the water, subsequently making the stool softer and a little easier to pass. So, toddlers who suffer from cramps and constipation could benefit from having our infant formula in their diet.

Using an infant formula with high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides has benefit for your child’s overall digestive health too! Prebiotic oligosaccharides enhance the growth of healthy gut bacteria, but also limit the growth of harmful bacteria simultaneously. So, for children who are prone to digestive-related problems, our infant formula could provide some amazing solutions.


Can I Combine Goat Milk Formula with Solid Foods?

It is no problem to combine your infant formula with the solid food diet of your child. Of course, parents must adjust the amount of formula they give to their child, since too much formula can cause your child to be less interested in solid foods. It is also possible that too much formula can reduce hunger in your child, making them eat less of the solid foods they are being served.

Formula can also make the transition to solid foods a little easier. Some parents use our formula as an ingredient in various solid foods, which makes the solid food more interesting and familiar for your toddler.

At Oli6, parents can find some interesting recipes in which our formula can be used. So, if you need some inspiration, be sure to check out our information pages with various formula recipes.

When Should I Switch from Goat Milk Formula to Regular Milk?

Some parents find it difficult to determine when it is time to make the switch from formula to regular milk. While most parents can make the switch when their child reaches twelve months, there are some exceptions to the rule.

There is a small percentage of toddlers who experience problems digesting regular milk; this can be because their digestive system is not fully developed yet. When your child’s digestive system is not yet developed fully, it may be better to keep your child on formula a little while longer.

We must mention that it could be a good idea to drop by at your child’s paediatrician if your child shows some problems digesting regular milk after reaching the age of twelve months. Even though it is not a big cause for concern, it is always best to have your child checked just in case there is an underlying medical condition causing the problem.

Does Goat Milk Formula Provide Enough Nutrients for Fussy Eaters?

Another reason why parents may choose the continued use of goat milk formula is their toddler’s fussy eating habits. It is by no means uncommon for toddlers to go through a fussy eating stage, but it can cause some problems for the parents, who often worry about their child’s nutrient intake during this stage.

Oli6 toddler formula is nutritionally complete; this means the formula provides all the nutrients your child needs for proper growth and development. Even though parents must persist with introducing solid foods during their child’s fussy eating stage, our formula provides parents with a safety net during this time.

Most toddlers will grow out of their fussy eating habits over the course of a couple of weeks. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. If your child continues to show fussy eating habits, then it might be a good idea to visit your child’s paediatrician. While it may be nothing to worry about, it is best to keep a close eye on your child’s development.

There can be other signs that indicate an underlying problem when you introduce solid foods to your child’s diet. For example, if your child suffers from severe digestive distress after eating solid food, there could be an underlying medical problem. In these cases, parents should visit a healthcare professional for further investigation.


Where Can I Get More Information on Toddler Formula?

Parents can find out more information about our formula by reading the available information pages on the website. Alternatively, parents can also get in touch with our team through Facebook who will be more than happy to provide you with the required info – https://www.facebook.com/Oli6Toddler.