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Once you decided on getting goat’s milk formula for your child, then it is time to look at some of the details and benefits. One of the questions we often get from parents is how long they can store goat’s milk formula. To get a detailed answered to this question about goat’s milk formula, please read the information provided by the Oli6 team below!

Should I Always Look at the Expiry Date?

The Expiry date on goat’s milk formula is the first and most important indicator of how long you can store your goat’s milk formula. Therefore, always double-check the expiry date on the canister, especially if you have bought a large supply of goat formula for your child.

Naturally, if you open a canister or a packet containing goat formula, you can only keep it for a limited amount of time. For liquid formula, you might even have to discard unused formula. So, to make sure the formula is safe to use, be sure to double-check the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your formula.


Is Goat Formula the Best Infant Formula Where Shelf Life Is Concerned?

Most formulas are quite similar where shelf life is concerned. Of course, if you are most concerned about shelf life, then the best infant formula is probably going to be a powdered formula, which usually has a longer shelf life than a liquid formula.

Naturally, there are other factors to consider when you choose the best infant formula for your child. Still, goat formula is considered the best infant formula by many parents, mainly because it contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, vitamins and minerals! To determine if our goat formula is the best infant formula for your child, please refer to our information pages for some additional insight.

Where Should I Store My Formula?

Containers of formula should be kept in a cool and clean environment, preferably outside the influence of sunlight and other environmental factors that could have an influence on the quality and the shelf life of your formula.

If you have opened a container with formula, you could store the open container in the refrigerator for a limited amount of time. We do need to mention that most manufacturers will advise against storing open canisters for longer than 24 hours.

Can I Keep Formula Left in the Bottle?

Even though it may seem tempting at times, it is important to discard any formula left in a baby bottle. When formula is reused or reheated, it is often packed with bacteria. These bacteria could cause some serious health problems for young children, whose immune system is not fully developed yet. Therefore, never keep formula that is left in the bottle after a feeding.

Do I Sterilise Bottles Before Adding Formula?

Parents must sterilise their child’s bottles before adding any formula to it. There are parents who choose to make up the formula for the rest of the day in the morning, but it is advised to make up the formula just before each feed to reduce the occurrence of harmful bacteria.

There are different methods parents can use to sterilise bottles before feeding; this includes options such as electric sterilising, boiling and cold-water sterilising. Naturally, each of these methods has its advantages and drawbacks, so doing some research into each option beforehand could prove beneficial before making a purchase.

Parents looking for the most economical way to sterilise bottles could choose boiling, since it only requires a clean pot and water. However, it is important that you buy a new pot and not use it for anything else but sterilising, since food remnants could cause bacteria pile-ups too, no matter how much you’ve cleaned it after preparing food.

One of the more expensive method is cold-water sterilising, but it is also the most convenient. All that is required is adding a liquid and some cold water to a clean container. The liquid only needs to be changed every 24 hours too. Therefore, this method is often best for parents with hectic schedules.

The method that is in the middle where convenience and price is concerned is electric sterilising. Parents may have to make a one-time investment in an electric steriliser, but are then pretty much cost-free. Therefore, this option could be useful for parents who value convenience and their budget long-term.


What Is the Best Way to Warm Up Formula After Adding it to the Baby Bottle?

There are different ways to warm up formula after you added it to the baby bottle. Firstly, you can hold the bottle under very warm or hot water for several minutes. When done, do not forget to check the formula to make sure it is not too warm for the baby.

Parents can also add the bottles to a pan filled with hot water. However, never place the bottles in the pot when the water is still on the heat source. Instead, remove the water from the heat source before adding the bottles and always check the temperature of the formula before feeding formula to your baby.

The last option is getting some bottle-warmers, which are specifically made to keep formula warm or warm it up before a feeding. Bottle warmers tend to be the most convenient option, because they take little effort on the part of the parents. However, decent, good-quality bottle warmers can be somewhat of an investment for parents. Therefore, be sure to consider all your options and ensure that the investment equals the convenience you get in return.

Where Can I Find More Info on Oli6 Formula Storage and Preparation?

We at Oli6 think it is important for parents to have all the information they need; this to make an informed decision about their formula choice. Therefore, Oli6 has created numerous information pages where parents can learn more about our formula; this includes the storage of our formula and its preparation. So, for more information about these topics, please head over to the dedicated information pages for more info!