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Goat’s milk formula is a popular choice amongst a tremendous range of possible toddler formulas. But why is goat’s milk formula used for toddlers and could your toddler possibly benefit from using a goat formula? To learn more about the use of goat’s milk formula in toddlers, please read the information provided by Oli6 below.

Digestion Benefits for Toddlers with Sensitive Tummies

One of the major benefits of goat’s milk formula is that it may be beneficial for toddlers with sensitive tummies. Some toddlers find it difficult to digest regular milk; this could be due to a number of reasons as they develop and grow..

Goat’s milk formula has a higher range of naturally occurring prebiotic oligosaccharides. Even though these prebiotic oligosaccharides can be found in most dairy-based toddler formulas, goat formula contains six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides than standard cow’s milk.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides may help contribute to better digestion in two ways. Firstly, prebiotic oligosaccharides stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which aid digestion and promote normal bowel movements. Of course, by stimulating the growth of healthy gut bacteria, prebiotic oligosaccharides also limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, the bacteria responsible for infection and other digestion-related issues. Therefore, prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat’s milk toddler formula are not only beneficial for digestion, they also contribute to better health.

goats milk for toddler

Of course, prebiotic oligosaccharides stimulate digestion in a much simpler way as well. Prebiotic oligosaccharides are non-digestible fibres; this means that these substances are not digested, but remain in the large intestine after they made their way through some parts of the toddler’s digestive system. Once in the large intestine, they start to absorb water, and it is this absorption of water that makes digestion easier again.

By absorbing water, any stool that passes the large intestine become a little softer. Subsequently, the absorption of water by prebiotic oligosaccharides makes stool easier to pass, which could be good news for toddlers struggling with constipation or other issues related to bowel movements.

Before you switch your formula because of digestion issues your toddler is experiencing, it is always best to have your toddler thoroughly examined by a medical professional; this to ensure there are no underlying conditions your toddler may be suffering from. You can also ask a licenced health professional for advice, which could help you determine the best formula for your little one.

High Natural Vitamin and Mineral Content Could Contribute to Growth and Development

Goat’s milk toddler formula is also beneficial for growing toddlers because of the high natural levels of certain vitamins and minerals it contains. Compared to standard cow’s milk, fresh goat’s milk contains higher levels of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium, all of which could contribute to the growth and development of your little one.

Nutritionally Balanced Oli6 Goat’s Milk Formula Could Fill Nutritional Gap

For some parents their toddlersmay go through a fussy eating stage, where they will refuse to eat the delicious meals you serve them. While this is a normal phenomenon amongst toddlers, it does increase parent’s frustration and concern when their child does not want to eat normally.

For most parents, the continued use of the toddler formula could fill some of the nutritional gaps their toddler has developed because of fussy eating habits. Even though parents still must ensure their toddler grows out of the fussy eating habits and starts to eat normally, the toddler formula can ensure they still have the vital minerals and vitamins they desperately need during this crucial transition.

Parents who are dealing with the fussy eating habits of their toddler, can get more information about this phenomenon below, as well as vital information to correct the problem and ensure their toddler starts to eat well as soon as possible.

Lead by Example

One of the best things parents can do for their fussy eating toddler is eating as a family. Even though this can be difficult when you are both working fulltime, it is certainly worth the effort you’re making. By eating with your toddler, your toddler will copy your behaviour; this means they are more likely to have the things you are eating. Therefore, it is also a good idea to serve your toddler the same foods you will be eating.

When serving the same meal, please make sure that you do not incorporate any added sugars or salt, since both ingredients could harm your toddler. Therefore, stick with simple basic ingredients and incorporate a new ingredient over time to ensure your toddler gets the right nutrition in his own time.


Another important factor of tackling fussy eating habits is attitude. If you become frustrated or angry at mealtimes, your toddler is not going to look forward to mealtimes. Also, your frustration is something your toddler could use to push the boundaries and turn to his benefit, which is why it is important never to let frustration show.

As a parent, it is best to remain calm and positive during mealtimes. However, it is also important not to give your toddler good attention when he refuses to eat. Instead, if your toddler has not touched his food after half an hour, take the plate away without making any gestures or comments. Only give your toddler good attention when he is trying new ingredients.

goats milk toddler formula


Goat formula for toddlers can be used in many situations. It is a good option to add more essential vitamins and minerals to your toddler’s diet, but it could also fill a nutritional gap when your toddler reaches the fussy eating stage. So, if you have decided to add a toddler formula to your child’s diet, be sure to consider the natural goat’s milk toddler formula from Oli6.