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Goat’s milk formula is a strong favourite among Australian parents. Many infants with a sensitive tummy have experienced the benefits of Oli6 formula for babies and even toddlers can benefit from this amazing formula. But what are the benefits of goat’s milk formula exactly? And should you consider choosing goat’s milk formula over other formula brands? Let’s find out!

Are There Nutritional Differences Between Goat’s Milk Formula and Cow’s Milk Formula?

Most formulas are nutritionally complete; this is the case for goat’s milk formula and cow’s milk formula. However, there can be a difference between source products, more specifically cow’s milk and goat’s milk. These differences can influence the formula you choose from various baby formula brands.

Fresh goat’s milk has higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals compared to regular cow’s milk. The main differences lay with vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. Compared to regular cow’s milk, goat’s milk contains more vitamin A (46%), vitamin C (37%), calcium (10%), magnesium (33%). Naturally, these are differences parents should be aware of, especially if their child could use a higher level of these essential vitamins and minerals.


Why Is Oli6 Goat’s Formula Gentler of an Infant’s Tummy Compared to Other Baby Formula Brands?

When you compare Oli6 goat’s milk formula to other baby formula brands; let us take the example of a random cow’s milk formula brand, you will notice that Oli6 contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides. These compounds are extremely important for children with a sensitive tummy; since prebiotic oligos can contribute to better digestion overall.

Prebiotic oligos perform countless functions in the large intestine; this is also where they remain in the body considering these are non-digestible fibres. Once they arrive in the large intestine, they remain on the wall of the intestine and start to absorb water. When stool eventually goes through the intestine, the absorbed water will make stool softer and overall easier to pass. Therefore, children suffering from cramping after drinking formula for babies could benefit greatly.

The prebiotic oligos inside Oli6’s formula for babies also contributes to the growth of healthy gut bacteria; for example, the lactobacilli. By promoting their growth, digestion can occur more efficiently. The growth of these healthy bacteria also reduces the growth rate of unhealthy bacteria; for example, pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, prebiotic oligos do not only aid digestion, they could reduce the chance of illness and digestion-related problems overall.

Even though there are loads of baby formula brands out there, choosing a formula with higher levels of prebiotic oligos could be beneficial for children who regularly suffer from digestion-related issues. So, when you are browsing your considered baby formula brands, always look out for the presence of these non-digestible fibres.

Is There a Difference Between Goat’s Milk Formula for Babies and the Formula for Toddlers?

Babies and toddlers require different levels of nutrients, so there are differences between formula for babies and formula for toddlers. Of course, Oli6 formula is made with the child’s age in mind, so parents can shop with peace of mind and make sure their child gets all the nutrients he or she needs for proper growth and development.

Can I Switch from Cow’s Milk Formula to Goat’s Formula?

Parents can make the switch from cow’s milk formula to goat’s milk formula. We always advise the transition to be done gradually and in accordance with our recommended guidelines.

Please note that if your child displays serious symptoms after the consumption of cow’s milk formula, an appointment with a paediatrician is always advised. An underlying medical condition may be the root of the problem. In these cases, the paediatrician is the best person to speak to about your child’s formula choice.

Many parents whose child is experience mild symptoms of digestive distress have switched to goat’s milk formula and have seen the benefits themselves. Still, we always recommend limiting formula switches if possible and only switch formulas if there is a medical reason to do so. Frequent formula changes could cause your child more digestive distress.

goat formula

Will My Child Experience Any Symptoms After Switching to a New Formula?

It is not uncommon for children to display some symptoms after switching formula; this because the body of the child must get used to the new formula and its consistency. These symptoms usually subside over the course of time, so they are not necessarily something to worry about.

Parents whose child has experienced problems with formula in the past should take extra precautions when making a formula switch. Only change formulas under the supervision of a licensed medical professional and make sure to report any problems your child is experiencing; this is the best way to ensure your child is happy and healthy!