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The best type of formula depends on many different things, which includes the personal preferences of the child as well as the preferences of the parents. Therefore, the choice of formula is mostly down to the parents and their views. However, we can put one formula forward for your consideration – goat’s milk formula.

What Is Goat’s Milk Formula?

Goat’s milk formula is a type of formula obtained from fresh goat’s milk. Therefore, goat’s milk formula has the same benefits fresh goat’s milk has; this includes high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, vitamins and minerals.

Since goat’s milk formula is a popular choice for children, let us take a closer look at some of the benefits associated with prebiotic oligosaccharides, as well as the high levels of natural vitamins and minerals inside goat formula.

Goats Eating Helping Product Goats Milk Formula

What Are Prebiotic Oligosaccharides and How Do They Benefit My Child?

The prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat formula are non-digestible fibres; this means that these compounds are not digested by the body, but that they remain in the intestines. Of course, the presence of prebiotic oligosaccharides in the intestines does have some benefits, so let us take a closer look at the functions associated with the prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat formula.

When the prebiotic oligosaccharides from goat formula enter the intestines, they start to attract and absorb water. Then, when stool passes through the intestines, this water makes the stool softer and considerably easier to pass. Therefore, the use of goat formula could reduce symptoms such as cramping and constipation.

Non-digestible fibres such as prebiotic oligosaccharides also stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which means they stimulate digestion again. By stimulating the growth of these healthy bacteria, prebiotic oligosaccharides also limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria; this means that your child will be less susceptible to infections.

In conclusion, adding prebiotic oligosaccharides to the diet of your child can give your child several health benefits. Especially children who are susceptible to digestive distress could benefit from prebiotic oligosaccharides, considering that these non-digestible fibres make digestion easier and reduce the presence of pathogenic bacteria inside the intestines.

Is There a Difference Between the Vitamins and Minerals in Goat’s Milk Formula and Those in Cow’s Milk?

Even though standard cow’s milk and goat’s milk formula contains the same types of vitamins and minerals, there is a difference in the levels of certain vitamins and minerals. Compared to normal cow’s milk, fresh goat’s milk contains higher levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium, a fact that could be interesting for parents of nutrient-deficient toddlers.

During childhood, it is normal for toddlers to go through the so-called fussy eating stage. During this stage, toddlers will find it difficult to try new ingredients or solid foods in general. Even though this is a normal part of growing up, it could be worrisome for parents.

To tackle a shortage of nutrients during a certain period in your toddler’s life, you could add a goat formula to your child’s daily routine. Even though children still need a strong and balanced solid food diet, goat’s milk formula could help to supplement some of the nutrients they have been missing due to their fussy eating stage.

Naturally, parents must still handle the fussy eating stage to make sure their child develops healthy eating habits. Fortunately, there are many things you can do as a parent, which includes sharing a plate with your toddler, eating as a family, giving your toddler positive attention when trying new ingredients and more.

If your toddler shows no signs of improving their fussy eating habit after some time, it could be a good idea to take your toddler to the paediatrician. Even though fussy eating habits are a normal part of growing up, it can become a problem for your toddler’s growth and development if the fussy eating habits persist.

What Other Benefits Should I Be Aware Of?

When you choose Oli6 goat formula, you can count on a continuous supply of goat’s milk toddler formula. Our formula is made and manufactured  in Australia as well; this means that parents shouldn’t worry about a shortage of our formula.

If you believe that your current formula is causing problems for your little one, it may be best to see your child’s paediatrician first before you make the switch to another formula. Your paediatrician can also make some suggestions if your toddler has problems with his regular formula, which could make sure that you immediately switch to the right formula. Of course, parents can suggest of Oli6 formula at the paediatrician’s office. Then, the paediatrician can tell you if making the switch to our formula could be beneficial for your little one.

What Reasons Do Parents List for Choosing Goat Milk Formula?

We can list many reasons why parents should choose our goat’s milk powder, but what are some of the reasons parents give us for choosing Oli6 goat’s milk baby formula? One of the most common reasons for parents to choose goat’s milk powder is digestive distress. It is quite common for children to suffer digestive distress on cow’s milk formulas, so switching to Oli6 goat’s milk baby formula is the evident choice.

Some parents choose goat’s milk powder for convenience when they are out and about. Many find it easier to some sachets of goat’s milk powder with them and make feedings as they need them. Of course, this is a personal choice and varies from parent to parent.

Finally, parents also choose our goat’s milk powder for its natural benefits. As we explained briefly already, goat’s milk baby formula from Oli6 takes full advantage of all the natural benefits of goat’s milk. So, parents who prefer natural products will find goat’s milk baby formula the best choice. Keeping our goat’s milk baby formula natural also comes with flavour benefits, since many infants prefer the taste of our formula.


Why Should I Choose Oli6 Over Other Formula Brands?

There are countless formula brands on the market, so why should you choose Oli6? Well, in addition to the benefits we already described, Oli6 is one of Australia’s most reliable and trusted formula brands. On our website, you can find reviews of parents who have tried our formula for their child. Based on these reviews, you could also determine if our formula is good for your little one.

Do you need more information about any of our formula products? Or do you have a specific question about Oli6 formula for which you could not find the answer on our website? Feel free to contact the expert team of Oli6 for additional information. Alternatively, please visit the information pages for parents on the website!