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Many babies and toddlers may acquire more benefit from goat’s milk formula than regular cow’s milk formula. An explanation for these benefits can be found in the higher vitamin and mineral content, but also in the difference in milk proteins between cow’s milk and goat’s milk. To learn more about these differences, please read our information below.

Goat Whey Protein Vs Cow’s Whey Protein

The biggest difference between cow’s milk and goat’s milk formula, lies in the whey protein content. Cow’s milk formula will contain cow’s whey protein, while Oli6 goat’s milk formula contains goat’s whey protein. The presence of whey protein in milk depends on the animal it was obtained from and their lactation period. Therefore, cow’s whey protein will be digested differently than goat’s milk protein.

toddler benefits from goats milk

What Is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a substance that is commonly found in dairy products. This protein is directly responsible for muscle growth and development, weight management and the growth and development of your child.

The whey protein in cow’s milk and goat’s milk formula contains a complete group of essential amino acids. These essential amino acids cannot be made by our bodies, which means that your baby or toddler will rely on milk to acquire these important building blocks. Whey protein in cow’s milk and goat’s milk can function as enzymes, transport important nutrients in the body, increase growth and improve the functioning of the immune system.

Is Goat’s Milk as Good as Cow’s Milk?

When you compare cow’s milk to goat’s milk, you will notice many similarities on a nutritional level. Both sources of milk contain complete proteins and micronutrients, contributing directly to the development and growth of your baby or toddler. However, there are some crucial differences indicating that goat’s milk could be better than cow’s milk.

Why Is Goat’s Milk Protein Different Than Cow’s Milk Protein?

As we briefly discussed earlier, the biggest difference between goat’s milk and cow’s milk lies in the whey protein content. The whey protein content in goat’s milk is considerably higher than regular cow’s milk, which means that your baby could benefit greatly from all the advantages a higher whey protein content can deliver.

In theory, a higher whey protein content should be more difficult to digest, since the intestines will have more leftover protein to process. However, this is not the case. Oli6 goat’s milk formula contains natural oligos, better known under the name oligosaccharides. The high number of oligosaccharides makes goat’s milk easier to digest than cow’s milk. Oligosaccharides has many anti-inflammatory properties, which directly contributes to an easier digestion.

The claim that oligosaccharides make goat’s milk easier to digest was proven by a study published in the “Journal of Nutrition” in March 2006. The study showed that oligosaccharides in goat’s milk reduced inflammation in test subjects with bowel and digestion difficulties, making the digestion process easier.

Oligosaccharides act as prebiotics as well. These are substances that will support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, which are responsible for easy digestion. In other words, the combination of the higher whey protein content and oligosaccharides could mean easier digestion for your baby.

The last big difference between goat’s milk powder and cow’s milk is the lower lactose content in goat’s milk formula. The lower lactose content ensures the formula is easier to tolerate by many babies and toddlers. Whey can form a curd in the stomach, which requires a lot of energy to digest. The lower lactose content in goat’s milk ensures a softer curd, which is easier to digest with potentially a lot less discomfort.

goats milk formula composition

Which One Is More Beneficial for My Child?

In essence, goat’s milk powder and cow’s milk are quite similar. However, there are little differences which indicate that Oli6 goat’s milk formula could be more beneficial for your child. Even though both cow’s milk and goat’s milk contain a good amount of whey protein, fat and carbohydrates, goat’s milk powder does have more micronutrients. Goat’s milk powder is usually accompanied by easier digestion and a reduced chance of allergies as well, which means it could be an alternative for babies and toddlers who find it difficult to tolerate and digest a cow’s milk formula.

Where Can I Get More Advice on Infant Formula?

For some parents, it could be beneficial to acquire more information on infant formula. When a child does not take to their existing infant formula, or when bottle-feeding infant formula proves harder than usual, additional advice can be quite welcome.

Parents can always contact a local health professional to get more advice on their child’s infant formula. Medical professionals can also provide parents with adjusted feeding schedules if they should be required.

If you have any additional questions about using our goat milk formula then please contact us on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Oli6Toddler.