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Even though cow’s milk formula has been around for years, goat’s milk toddler formula has increased in popularity in the last decade. Various studies have shown that goat’s milk toddler formula is a lot more advantageous for the health of a newborn or toddler than basic cow’s milk formula. To find out why, please read our overview of goat’s milk toddler formula benefits below.

Reducing Digestive Distress

The most common problems children experience while growing up can be found in the category of digestive distress. Almost 86% of Australian children between 0-24 months have experience some form of digestive distress. These tummy problems may lead to additional difficulties, including crying, sleeping difficulties and even rejecting milk feeds.


Fortunately, goat’s milk toddler formula can be the answer to these digestive problems in children. Goat’s milk toddler formula contains more easily digestible fats and protein, especially when compared to cow’s milk, which ensures that goat’s milk toddler formula is a lot better for the digestive system of your toddler.

Smaller Fat Molecules

When you compare the fat molecules of goats milk toddler formula with the fat molecules of cow’s milk formula, you will notice that the fat molecules of a goats milk toddler formula are considerably smaller. To digest fat, the body needs a considerable amount of energy. The bigger the fat molecules, the more energy will be needed to digest.

Less Complex Protein

The reduced complexity of the protein in goat’s milk also contributes to easier digestion. Proteins are digested in the stomach and small intestine by protease enzymes, which break down proteins into amino acids. These amino acids are later used in the body to stimulate the growth and development of your child. However, complex proteins are a lot more difficult to break down and may cause your infant some digestive distress.

Oli6™ goat’s milk formula contains less complex protein than cow’s milk, ensuring that the goat’s milk formula is a lot easier to digest. The formula still contains all the essential proteins needed for good growth and development, so parents can count on the formula to keep their infant healthy and happy.

Metabolises Various Minerals

Minerals are important for a toddler, so it is good to know that goat’s milk toddler formula has the ability to metabolise some of these minerals, more specifically iron and copper.

Iron is a very important mineral for toddlers and growing children in general. This is because our body needs iron to make haemoglobin, which is responsible for the transport of oxygen to the cells of the body. Children also need sufficient iron for the development of their brain, so goat’s milk can definitely contribute to early development.

Children are more susceptible to copper deficiency than adults, which is why preparing formula feeding with goat’s milk formula can be a great idea. The provision of copper becomes extra important for premature children, given the fact that copper only accumulates the last three months of the pregnancy.

Copper is an essential mineral for the development of infants and children, and a lack of this element may lead to muscle weakness and neurological problems. Fortunately, goat’s milk formula gives infants the power the metabolise copper and delivers a variety of vitamins and minerals that are essential for any toddler.

Contains a High Amount of Calcium

Cow’s milk formula is not the only formula with plenty of calcium for the development of your child, because goat’s milk formula is also rich in calcium and other minerals that contribute to the health of your toddler.

Calcium is a mineral with a countless amount of functions in the body of your toddler. Calcium is the mineral that starts to build strong bones and teeth, but also the mineral promoting muscle function. In addition to all these important functions, calcium also activates specific enzymes that will convert food into energy.

Because of the fact that children grow new bone all the time, they need a consistent amount of calcium in their diet. A consistent amount of calcium will lead to healthy growth, but also provide protection against reduced bone density in the future.

More Magnesium and Vitamin A

Goat’s milk formula contains a lot more magnesium and vitamin A than cow’s milk. These vitamins are extremely important for growing infants, so the increased content of magnesium and vitamin A in goat’s milk is definitely a benefit.

Magnesium is present in more than three hundred enzyme systems. These enzyme systems are responsible for biochemical reactions in the body, which includes protein synthesis, muscle function, nerve function, blood glucose management and much more.

Vitamin A is vital for the development of children because of its importance in functions such as vision and the immune system. Vitamin A also contributes to the health of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other major organs.


Prebiotic Oligos Delivering Countless Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of goat’s milk is the high amount of prebiotic oligos it contains. Prebiotic oligos directly contribute to a healthier digestion, considering the fact that prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. Good microorganisms in the intestines help to digest food, so a good amount of prebiotic obligos is the key to reduce digestive distress in children.

Prebiotics are directly linked to the immune system and energy levels as well. A young infant can be susceptible to various illnesses, which is why it is recommended to give the immune system of a toddler a boost whenever possible. Fortunately, you do not have to look for any special additions to the diet of your toddler, because Oli6™ goat’s milk toddler formula contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and prebiotic obligos to keep your toddler healthy! For more information about Oli6™ goat’s milk formula, feel free to explore our information pages or contact our friendly team for more information.