Discover the best overseas goat milk formula in Hong Kong by Oli6

High-quality Australian goat milk formula from Oli6 is now available in Hong Kong

At Oli6® our core purpose is to enable people to grow into their best selves. All of our goat’s milk formulas are locally developed and manufactured in Victoria, Australia.

At Oli6® we believe there is a delicate balance of nature and nurture. We have applied the same approach to our goat’s milk formulas, by developing nutritionally complete products from the natural benefits of goat’s milk.

About Oli

Oli6® has been developed in direct response from talking to Australian mums who are seeking products that are as natural as possible to help their little ones’ growth and development.

Our toddler formula has a high percentage of goat milk solids, which  makes Oli6® naturally rich in many essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C as well as other beneficial substances like prebiotic oligosaccharides.

Food safety

All our products meet Australia’s health and food safety guidelines. Our goat’s milk formulas are manufactured in Victoria, Australia and we ensure that all ingredients including those sourced from other countries and suppliers meet strict Australian regulations and requirements.

We are an associate member to The Infant Nutrition Council (INC)

Security of supply

Lack of formula supply is a constant worry for many parents. Our priority is to ensure that you can always receive high quality goat’s milk formula when you need it.

We are exclusively found in retail pharmacies throughout Australia, click here for the list of retailers near you, alternatively we can deliver directly to your door, free of charge. All you need to do is register and sign up to our database. Every time you place an order you will receive free shipping saving you $10.

As of today, our goat’s milk is imported from the Netherlands, a centre of excellence in goat farming and milking. All the goat’s milk we use is in compliance with all Australian regulations and requirements. We are, however, on a journey to become Australia’s largest, fully integrated dairy goat nutritional business. We have a large base of dairy goats in Victoria, Australia and are currently breeding and rearing them for future milk requirements.

We love goats

We believe that happy dairy goats equals quality milk, and we ensure that everything we do abides by the regulations and welfare policies of Australia.

We are committed to the proper treatment and fundamental obligations relating to the welfare of all animals under our care throughout their life.

We will continue to invest resources and people in researching, developing and implementing and continually improving welfare systems & practices.

We never stop looking for ways to improve our business including our impact on the environment.
All our packaging is completely recyclable, from the aluminium can that holds the formula including the plastic lid that seals the can once opened, all the way through to the cardboard packaging that our cans are delivered in.

Research and development 

We take Research and Development very seriously and it is an extremely important cog in our wheel.

We continuously conduct research and currently partner with established research institutes and leading independent health care professionals to continually improve our products, help us better understand early life nutrition and ensure that we are providing the right information to make informed choices.

All our formulas have been developed by experienced formula technicians, ensuring that all regulations and nutritional requirements are being met and where possible we rely on the benefits of goat’s milk to provide as natural product as possible.

Oli6 takes great pride in providing its natural goat’s milk formula to Australian children and parents. We  are also focussed on providing information to parents. Choosing the right formula can be a daunting process and Oli6 tries to make this process a little easier for parents by providing as much information about formula feeding as possible. So, if you are a parent looking for information on formula feeding, you are in the right place on Oli6.

Parents can find numerous information pages on our website, which can tell them more about our natural goat formulas, but also topics such as mixed feeding, introducing a new formula, toilet training and more. Our resources for parents are also complemented by a comprehensive and honest overview of goat’s milk formula benefits, so parents can immediately identify the main characteristics of our natural formula and find out how it could benefit their child. Naturally, parents are more than welcome to contact Oli6 if they have a question about Oli6 goat’s milk formula, because we are always happy to help. So, if you have a question for our team in regards to our Oli6 products, feel free to contact our team on the website.