I’m having trouble using the website?
Please email our customer service team at customer.service@oli6.com if you are having any trouble. It may also be an issue with your cache which may need to be refreshed.

How do I find a store that stocks Oli6® near me?
To find a store near you, simply select “Find a Store” on the top right hand corner of the website, you’ll then be taken to our store section of the Oli6® website. There you’ll be able to search for a store near you either by entering in an address, suburb or postcode.

Can I get in touch with a real person?
If you’d like to speak to a customer service representative, please email us at customer.service@oli6.com. Our friendly staff are always available to help with your query.

Are your formulas Halal certified?
All the Oli6® range are certified halal from the Global Halal Trade Centre who are members of World Halal Food Council.
Do your products contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients?
Our products do not have any GM ingredients.

What is the vegetable oil used?
The vegetable oils that we use in our formulas are palm, soybean and sunflower oils.

What is the difference between Infant Formula, Follow-On Formula and Toddler Formula?
The primary difference between our Infant Formula and Follow-On Formula is the balance of milk proteins. Both formulas have whey and casein proteins but in different proportions.

Our Infant Formula is whey dominant and has a similar proportion of whey and casein to breast milk. It is important that an infant who is formula fed from birth or under 6 months, starts with a whey dominant formula like our Infant Formula.

Our Follow-on Formula is casein dominant. The balance between casein and whey shifts because as casein is slower to digest than whey, it may keep your little one feeling full a little longer.

Is it correct that Infant Formula is suitable through until 12 months? Should I change to Follow-On Formula?
Our Infant Formula is suitable from Birth through to 12 months; and our Follow-On Formula is suitable from 6 months to 12 months.

We recommend that once your baby reaches 6 months you can change your formula to our Follow-on Formula as the Follow-on Formula may keep your little one feeling fuller for longer and better complement the introduction of solid foods. It may also be more suitable for toddlers over 6 months that are new to formula.

Is it safe to add other vitamins and minerals into the Oli6® formula?
No, only follow the preparation instructions as stipulated on pack. You should never add any vitamin or mineral supplement to a formula unless under the strict supervision of your health professional or doctor.

Do your formulas contain all the nutrients my baby needs until 12 months?
Our infant and follow on formulas are nutritionally complete, however, from 6 months your baby should be starting on solid foods. Infant formula and follow on formula may be used for 6 – 12 months as the liquid part of your baby’s diet.

Do your tins contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?
All our formula tins and lids are BPA free. The tin and the lid are also recyclable.

Do you have a question about Oli6 goat’s milk formula, but could not find the answer in our overview of frequently asked questions? Do not hesitate to contact the Oli6 team for more information, because we are always ready to help. Parents can contact Oli6 through Facebook, but also via post and email. Simply choose your preferred contact method and get in touch!

In addition to our overview with frequently asked questions, there are other resources parents can take advantage of on the Oli6 goat’s milk formula website. Our team provides parents with a complete overview of available formulas, which contains information such as content, ingredients and preparation for each specific formula. There is also a page dedicated to the benefits of our natural formula, which parents can read through in their own time. Of course, parents can also refer to our resources pages to learn more about interesting subjects such as mixed feeding, toilet training and other subjects that could be relevant to the growth and development of your child. So, if you require more information about a certain topic, be sure to check out our entire website to get valuable info!