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Oli6® Stage 3 Dairy Goat Toddler Milk Drink (800g)




Oli6® Toddler Drink is a premium dairy goat milk-based toddler drink that is nutritionally tailored with a balance of key ingredients for children aged 12 months to 36 months. It is designed to provide key nutrients for toddlers when nutritional intake is inadequate. It contains probiotic bifida bacteria (BB356) which is compatible with little tummies and natural prebiotic oligos to aid with gut health and digestion.

Oli6® Dairy Goat Toddler Drink is:

  • Suitable from 1 to 3 years old
  • Made from Dairy Goat Milk
  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals
  • Includes Omega 3 (DHA) and our unique blend of prebiotics (including natural oligosaccharides) and probiotics.
  • Manufactured in Australia and adheres to the strict Australian guidelines

Goat milk has properties which may naturally assist with digestion and may be a good alternative for children who have sensitivities to cows milk or cow milk based Toddler drinks. We have been careful to select a plant based DHA (from algae) for a better tasting Toddler drink and also to accommodate for children who have allergies to fish/fish oil.

How to prepare Oli6® Dairy Goat Milk Toddler Drink:

  • Before preparing the Toddler drink, wash your hands thoroughly. Ensure all utensils are clean.
  • Using safe drinking water, pour 150mL of water into the bottle or feeding cup.
  • Fill the enclosed scoop and smooth off using the levelling edge of the can. Avoid compacting the powder. Put three level scoops of Toddler Drink powder into the bottle or cup you are using (3 scoops of powder to 150mL water)
  • Place the cap on the bottle or feeding cup and shake well to dissolve the powder. If using a normal cup ensure the formula is fully stirred in.
  • Feed immediately and discard any of the unfinished Toddler Drink.

How to store your Oli6® Dairy Goat Milk Toddler Drink Tin:

The product should be stored in cool, dry conditions away from direct heat sources. Once opened, product should be used within 4 weeks. The Can should be reclosed after each use using the plastic overcap provided, and stored in a cool, dry environment away from source of heat, light and humidity.

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Goat milk solids(51%), lactose, vegetable oils, DHA powder, minerals (calcium carbonate, ferric pyrophosphate, zinc oxide), vitamins (C, E, B3, A, D3, B12, B9, B1, B6, B2), Bifidobacterium longum (BB536), lutein.

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