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Contains approximately 22 serves.

Oli6® Goat Milk Junior Drink is a delicious milk drink for young children aged 3 to 7 years.

Our Goat Milk Junior Drink is the smart choice because it contains around six times the oligos* of cow’s milk. To find out more about the benefits of goat’s milk click here. 

Oligos* have been suggested to provide gut & immune health and help to promote beneficial bacteria in humans. Oli6® Junior Milk Drink Formula is proudly manufactured in Victoria, Australia and we ensure that all the ingredients used meet strict Australian regulations and requirements.

Our Goat Milk Junior Drink (Stage 4) is the smart choice because it is a natural progression from the Toddler Milk Drink (Stage 3). It provides the nutrition to assist with growth and development for children between the ages of 3 and 7 and contains bifida bacteria (BB356 from human strain) which is compatible with little tummies and natural prebiotic oligos to aid with gut health and digestion.

Benefits of our Dairy Goat Junior Milk Drink:

  • Enhanced immunity with natural Bifida bacteria (BB536 from human strain) to aid in immunity and enhance intestinal function. Great for the immunities of little ones that are heading to preschool and school. Each serve contains 250 million BB536 bacteria
  • Has naturally occurring prebiotic Oligos to help provide gut and immune health. Each serve contains 88mg of naturally occurring prebiotic Oli’s which are proven to assist in the growth of beneficial bifida bacteria and reduce the incidence of harmful bacteria like E.coli.
  • Only contains goat milk solids (no cow milk solids) so naturally high in many essential minerals. Vitamins and nutritive substances
  • Goats milk is a natural source of Magnesium for normal growth and development, Vitamin A for eye and vision development, calcium for strong bones and teeth, and Vitamin C for immunity
  • Naturally gentle on tiny tummies

Head to the Resources For Parents section if you’d like more information and tips for a happy and healthy child

*oligosaccharides (called oligos)

Discover Oli Goat Milk Junior Drink For Improved Digestion!

Many children are benefiting from goat’s milk formula already, but what about kids that are now above the age of formula? No need to worry, because they can still take advantage of the benefits of goat’s milk with our new Oli6 Goat Milk Junior Drink!

How Does Oli6 Goat Milk Junior Drink Improve Digestion In Children?

One of the main benefits associated with goat’s milk is easier digestion, and this is the same for our Oli6 Goat Milk Junior Drink, which takes advantage of the high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat’s milk.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides are special non-digestible fibres, which remain in our digestive system and are not digested themselves. Of course, as they remain in our digestive system, they perform various functions to make digestion easier; this includes the absorption of water to make stool softer and easier to pass. They also promote the growth of healthy bacteria by serving as a food source for them; this means there is less space for harmful bacteria that could cause problems.

In addition to helpful prebiotic oligosaccharides, our Goat Milk Junior Drink also includes bifida bacteria. These useful bacteria contribute to the digestive health of your little one, but also contribute to easier digestion. So, if your little one struggles with his/her regular milk drink, why not consider Oli6 Goat Milk Junior Drink instead?

What Other Benefits Could Be Obtained From Oli6 Goat Milk Junior Drink?

Our Goat Milk Junior Drink contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals that can contribute to your little one’s growth and development. Goat’s milk contains higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals compared to regular cow’s milk; this includes vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium. Since these vitamins and minerals perform some essential functions for your little one’s body, their presence inside the milk drink cannot be underestimated.

What Ages Is Oli6 Goat Milk Junior Drink Suitable For?

Oli6 Goat Milk Junior Drink is especially made for children between the ages of three and seven; this means our drink is suitable for use after your child outgrows our Toddler Milk Drink (Stage 3).

How Do I Prepare Oli6 Goat Milk Junior Drink?

It is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly before you handle any drink or beaker; this prevents any bacteria ending up in your child’s drink. While sterilisation of feeding equipment is no longer required for a child who is over the age of three, it is still required to keep the drink as sanitary as possible.

To make up your child’s first milk drink, add 220 ml of safe drinking water to a feeding cup, beaker, or a bottle. Then, use the enclosed scoop to measure the right amount of junior drink powder. Our scoop comes with a built-in leveller; this ensures you do not add too much powder by accident. However, when you measure the correct amount of powder, never attempt to compact the powder, as this could cause irregularities with the amount of powder.

A milk drink from Oli6 requires five levelled scoops of Junior Milk Drink Powder. Once the powder has been added, shake the mixture until the powder is completely dissolved. If you are using a beaker to make up the milk drink, always stir thoroughly to ensure the powder is completely dissolved.

Can I Keep Some Of The Prepared Milk Drink If My Child Does Not Finish All Of It?

While it may be tempting to save some junior milk drink after your child has failed to finish all of it, any unfinished junior milk drink should be discarded immediately.

Children older than three are less susceptible to bacteria compared to newborns, but this does not mean that bacteria entering their milk drink will no longer affect them. After your child had some of their milk drink, it is easier for bacteria to get in contact with the beaker and the drink itself. To avoid your child getting ill, it is therefore essential to get rid of any remaining drink.

Some parents choose to prepare some milk drink for their little one in advance; this to ensure there is a milk drink for their little one available when the babysitter arrives. If you do make up a milk drink beforehand, always make sure you put it in the refrigerator and do not keep it any longer than twenty-four hours.

How Can I Obtain The Goat Milk Junior Drink?

Oli6 provides its Goat Milk Junior Drink to Australian parents. We are proudly Australian-owned, which means we manufacture our Goat Milk Junior Drink right here in Australia. If you want to test our Goat Milk Junior Drink for your little one, you can easily obtain it from our online product section www.oli6.com/shop.

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Goat milk solids (70%), lactose, vegetable oils (including soybean), DHA Powder, minerals (magnesium sulphate, ferric pyrophosphate, zinc oxide, vitamins (C, E, A, D3, niacin, folic acid, B12, B2, B1, B6), Bifidobacterium longum (BB536), lutein.

  1. Before preparing the milk drink, wash your hands thoroughly. Ensure all utensils are clean.
  2. Using safe drinking water, add 220ml into the bottle or feeding cup.
  3. Fill the enclosed scoop and smooth off using the built in leveller. Avoid compacting the powder. Put five level scoops of Junior Milk Drink into the bottle or feeding cup.
  4. Place the cap on the bottle or feeding cup and shake well to dissolve the powder. If using normal cup ensure the milk drink is fully stirred in.
  5. Feed immediately and discard any of the unfinished milk drink.

Oli6® Dairy Goat Milk Junior Drink