Food for a
better life

Nuchev is an Australian food nutrition business with one core purpose – to make food for a better life. Unlike many other formula companies, Nuchev’s sole focus is on Goats’ milk and Nuchev proudly produces Oli6®, a goat milk infant formula range suitable for children from birth.

By containing all the benefits that Goats’ milk has to offer, Oli6® is naturally easier to digest, making it a great option for children with cows’ milk and lactose sensitivities.

Every week we receive positive feedback from Australian parents telling us how they have discovered Oli6® and how it has helped their child thrive. This is what drives our passion to continue to tell the story of the of goat milk.

How it All Began…


Nuchev was founded in Australia by fifth generation dairy farmer Ben Dingle in 2013, with a vision to make lives better for families around the world through better nutrition for all.

Ben recognised that consumer awareness and demand for premium nutritional products that aid digestion and immunity was increasing due to their differentiated health and functional benefits. Demand for premium nutritional products including goat milk, as an alternative to other milk products, was on the rise.

Three short years later, in 2016, our premium goat milk infant formula brand, Oli6®, was born. Drawing on decades of dairy farm leadership, innovation and agricultural best practice, Ben combined the power of nature and science to create a world class leading formulation that would assist in aiding digestion and immunity.

A rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, Oli6® is the only goat milk infant formula globally to include human milk oligosaccharides in stages one and two for enhanced nutritional and digestive benefits.

Through our scientific research partnerships with RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) and the University of Melbourne, our Australian made range of premium infant formula and nutritional products continues to grow with our customers, supporting overall health and wellbeing for a better life, at any age.

Infant Nutrition Council

The Infant Nutrition Council (INC) was established in 2009 and represents the major manufacturers and marketers of infant formula in Australia and New Zealand as well as local manufacturers who are producing product for export.

Nature One Dairy

Nature One Dairy is a 100% Australian-owned company dedicated to producing only the highest quality powdered milk products.

RMIT University

Nuchev and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have been working together since 2015 to research the benefits of goat’s milk. RMIT is the leading Australian University with research capabilities to understand and scientifically prove the benefits of goat’s milk.