Why choose Oli6®

Oli6® supports digestion

Digestion: One of the main reasons why parents choose Oli6® Goat’s Milk Formula is it is a leading scientifically researched formulation with prebiotics, probiotics, oligos and vitamins.

Oli6® contains natural prebiotics called oligosaccharides (we call them “oligos”). Goat milk contains significantly more oligosaccharides than cow’s milk. There are up to six times the amount of natural prebiotic oligos in goats milk when compared to cow’s milk.

Being a better match for our bodies, natural oligos provide more benefits compared to synthetic GOS/FOS prebiotics found in other formulas. Oligos can help make digestion a whole lot easier and may reduce common symptoms toddlers experience; such as cramping and constipation.


More reasons to choose Oli6®

Developed & backed by Science

Through our scientific research partnerships with RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) and the University of Melbourne, our 100% Australian made range of premium infant formula and nutritional products continues to grow with our customers, supporting overall health and wellbeing for a better life, at any age.  

High in vitamins and minerals

The compositional uniqueness of goat’s milk lies in its naturally high levels of important vitamins and minerals that are naturally present in goat’s milk like prebiotic oligosaccharides that may assist with sensitivities and digestion.

As well as natural prebiotics, oli6 (stages 1-4) includes probiotic bb536 to help support immunity.

Oli6® contains DHA to help support brain development and eye health.

Free of A1 protein

Goat’s milk is naturally free of A1 beta-casein.

Meets Australia’s strict regulatory and nutritional requirements

Oli6® has been developed by experienced formula technicians ensuring that all Australian strict regulatory and nutritional requirements are met. In addition, we are an associate member of The Infant Nutrition Council.

Australian made & owned.

Nuchev was founded in Australia by fifth generation dairy farmer Ben Dingle in 2013, with a vision to make lives better for families around the world through better nutrition for all. Oli6® is manufactured in Victoria, Australia, which not only means quality can be assured, but supply is always available.

Trusted by parents

We know that our customers believe that peace of mind is worth the investment. Our Oli6® goat nutrition range of products leverage the natural benefits of goat’s milk to support health and wellbeing at all stages of life. From premium infant formula to nutritional products that support active lifestyles and healthy aging, Nuchev continues to expand its range to improve nutrition and immunity for a better life.

You can trust us to deliver the highest quality available. Read our customer reviews here.