Benefits of breastmilk

At Oli6® we wholly support your choices and your feeding journey, whatever that may be.

For people who can, breastfeeding is best for babies. It provides the optimal balance of nutrition and protection for their development. Breastfeeding at regular intervals, along with a healthy and balanced diet will benefit your milk production.

If you are considering bottle feeding, always seek professional advice from your midwife or healthcare professional, as bottle feeding, either partially or exclusively, may adversely affect breastfeeding by reducing the amount of your breast milk supply and may be difficult to reverse.

Deciding which feeding method for your baby is an important decision with financial and social implications to consider. Should you decide to use formula, then it should be prepared and used as directed by the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Improper use or incorrect preparation may affect your baby’s health. Babies have delicate tummies so where possible, introduce formula as a gradual process.